The Cooking Chronicles: Pizza Stone Attempt #2

On Chris’s recommendation, our second pizza stone attempt revolved around a Peter Reinhart recipe for dough.

For starters, the recipe made enough dough for four 10 inch pizzas, which meant we had enough dough for another round of pizzas – a future dinner time saver! And though I was worried the dough wouldn’t rise (it didn’t double in size like Giada’s recipe), the bread turned out great. Mack, who was in charge of rolling out the crust, was a bit challenged at first, but with the aid of a rolling pin, was able to shape two thin crusts.

The recipe advised us to place a sheet of parchment paper underneath the dough prior to dressing the pizza, which would allow for easier transfer onto the preheated pizza stone. This was a very useful tip, as the paper also allowed for seamless transfer off of the pizza stone (we don’t have a pizza peel) – we simply pulled the paper (and pizza) onto a baking sheet.

Pizza Stone Product #2

We don’t usually marvel at how well recipes turn out, but on this occasion, we felt a small celebration was warranted. The crust was perfectly browned and crispy, and topped with tomatoes from Doef’s Greenhouse, and prosciutto and basil from the Italian Centre, it was undoubtedly one of the best pizzas we had ever made.

Thanks again Chris for the recommendation! I think we’ve found a keeper.

9 thoughts on “The Cooking Chronicles: Pizza Stone Attempt #2

  1. Fantastic!! So glad you liked it. The parchment is indeed a great trick, making the transition from the counter or upside down sheet pan painless. Oh and that pizza looks amazing! Try a small spiral drizzle of olive oil next time, adds a bit of luxury.

  2. Chris – will definitely try the drizzle of olive oil next time!

    H.Peter – I never understood why some restaurants insist on incinerating basil – it’s all about the freshness!

  3. And when spring comes… try your grill. There is nothing better than pizza on the grill. Call me and come over for some. I needed to be shown how first. Maybe you won’t need a lesson – but after I had mine, I was hooked!
    Love the cooking chronicles!

  4. I think your pizza looks like a complete success! I am a pizza stone girl myself. Nothing beats a great crust recipe, a 500 degree oven and some super toppings! My husband and I have plans to construct a wood-burning oven in the backyard in the upcoming summer and I can’t wait to try my hand at wood-fire pizzas! Happy pizza making!

  5. Valerie – I tried pizza on the grill once, but it didn’t work out too well. I’d be willing to give it another shot though (especially because I think the dough recipe was the ultimate culprit). Hope your pizza turned out well tonight!

    Nikki – thanks! Be sure to check out Colleen/Vince’s experiene with building a similar oven a few years back:

  6. Parchment paper is a such a miracle isn’t it? I think asides from the knives I think we whip out the parchment paper the most in the kitchen. Thank goodness Costco sells a giant version of it.

    We made pizza for Valentine’s dinner this year & we prepped the pizzas on an upside down metal pizza pan (from my pre-stone days) and used that to slide the pizzas onto the stone. Will definitely try using the parchment next time. 🙂

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