Gifts + Cappuccino = Bling

I love the current trend of cafes in retail spaces, marrying the happy pair of caffeine and shopping. As evidenced by the success of places like The Wired Cup and Zocalo (covered by the Journal in a recent story),  sipping a cup of coffee amongst charming giftware is a nice alternative to the bustling cafe.

Edmonton can add another such establishment to it’s growing list – the cheekily named Bling just opened up on the ground floor of City Square Tower, across the street from the west side of City Hall. It’s easy to miss, particularly given the awning above it still reads “Universal Hobbies”.

There is no trace of the donair joint that occupied the space prior to Bling. Kloy Parker, formerly of The Butler Did It,  has transformed the tiny room into an elegant cafe and shop. In addition to coffee and tea, Bling offers pastries from the Italian Bakery and Handy Bakery, and will soon add panini sandwiches to their menu.

The wares are also noteworthy – Kloy prides himself on sourcing chic, gift-worthy, and best of all, affordable items (everything in the store is priced with the GST already included). He showed me a lovely textured metallic bowl that cost just $8, and a grooved, square pasta bowl priced at $10. I also spied a Dean & Deluca cookbook on my way out.

Kloy inside Bling

Check it out while you’re in the neighbourhood – but don’t blame me if you end up with a few more items for your kitchen!

10316 100 Street
(780) 421-0000

8 thoughts on “Gifts + Cappuccino = Bling

  1. I think you should actually have a calendar on your site that posts your weekly schedule. I am certain I would be exhausted reading it, but I admire your ability to keep your finger on the pulse of absolutely everything that is happening in this city! (of course mdm helps out there, too!)
    I can’t wait to try this out, and go shopping.
    Truly, Sharon, you are my most important source or city news.

  2. I’m with Valerie: you’re everywhere!
    Thanks for the nod to Marta Gold’s story on quirky coffee shops. And thanks for keeping us all informed.
    This place looks like fun!

  3. There was a donair place in City Square Tower? Why was it not there when I lived in that building?!

    Is Bling in the old Pazzo Pazzo space (if so, when did Pazzo Pazzo close?) or is it around the east side of the building?

  4. Valerie and Kerry – I try :). But I think I got lucky with Bling; it helps that two of the committees I volunteer for have met across the street nearly weekly since January. I watched the space grow with much anticipation, but didn’t know what type of retail store to expect until it opened!

    Adam – I googled Pazzo Pazzo, and their address came up to be a different one (10016 103 Avenue). Have to say I’ve never been there, so I’m not sure…

  5. You should taste Kloy’s nummy-num buttertarts – he makes them flakey and gooey!

    He puts 110% into everything he does, whether it is choosing a fantabulous piece of giftware or baking a dessert.

    Kloy is the BEST!

  6. BLING is the best thing to happen to EDMONTON, AB.! Great gifts, great coffee, great food, & great prices! FINALLY………..A gift shop I can afford!

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