Food Notes for February 8, 2010

Excellent, non-POTW (patient of the week) episode of House today – great to see Lisa Edelstein getting the opportunity to flex her acting chops. In other news, I’m happy to see America’s Best Dance Crew back on TV! But with the addition of a Canadian crew from Montreal this season, perhaps they should change the name to North America’s Best Dance Crew? Anyway, on to this week’s food notes:

  • Chris and I are organizing the third Edmonton Foodie Meetup, to take place on March 3. Check out the wiki and add your name if you’re interested in attending, and let us know your restaurant choice!
  • I’m looking forward to West Edmonton Mall’s celebration of Mardi Gras, taking place on February 16 from 4-9pm, called the Taste of Bourbon Street. There will be food samples, cooking demonstrations and entertainment.
  • Think you make the best grilled cheese? Slow Food Edmonton just announced their first-ever Grilled Cheese Olympics, to take place on March 13. Judges include Chad Moss from Transcend and the Journal’s Liane Faulder. I think it will be a great event!
  • Bravo to Julie van Rosendaal for putting together the Blog Aid cookbook for Haitian relief. 27 food bloggers contributed recipes and photos to the wonderful book, which, from the preview, looks gorgeous. To order, click here.
  • Three local professionals are repeating their Working Poor Diet challenge in February – spending only $80 on food for a month, and doing their best to adhere to Canada’s Food Guide. Their hope is to raise awareness of the reality those working minimum-wage jobs face, in addition to raising $5000 for the Edmonton Food Bank.
  • Kelly of Crazy White Girl with a Kitchen posted an early review of ZINC. On a related note, I’m disappointed that the restaurant didn’t opt to use OpenTable as their online reservation system.
  • The Journal reviewed Avocado, the first of the Calgary-based franchises to open in the Edmonton area (expect a few more before the year is out). Verdict? Unremarkable.
  • Alberta Venture has a great interview with Julianna Mimande on her side of the Bacon-fallout story (I interviewed Cindy Lazarenko back in November 2008 for Vue).
  • I had read about the chicken + burger + fish + egg burgers at McDonald’s, but didn’t know they would actually serve it here – until Chris posted about his special request. What a combination.
  • Liane wrote about the subject of plating designL2 Chef Shane Chartrand provides home cooks with some useful pointers.
  • An insightful, must-read piece by NY-based food critic Robert Sietsema on the evolution of the restaurant review in New York. And a response from Grub Street on the future of food media – in their opinion, the next step involves, “reviewers (or bloggers, at least) outright collaborating with chefs and restaurateurs.”
  • With all eyes on Vancouver, NYT critic Sam Sifton provides visitors with a guide of the best restaurants the city has to offer. I’d be keen to visit the re-branded Refuel, and of course, dine again at Vij’s.
  • Also on Vancouver – I couldn’t resist snapping a photo of the Vancouver Barista Bear at Starbucks. But shouldn’t it be wearing a parka, or at least a raincoat?

Too cute!

6 thoughts on “Food Notes for February 8, 2010

  1. Gaaaaaah… I’d love to attend the Meetup, but Wednesdays don’t work for me at all… Tuesday or Thursday, maybe… ??

  2. I’ll attend the meeting and don’t care where it is, but I don’t know how to use that page, there, and don’t have time to work on it, sorry (plane leaving in 20 hours, suitcases not even started, work not even done, presents for family not even bought, hair not even dyed, house not even cleaned, etc.).

  3. Grace – ack, we’ll have to put a couple of dates up next time. We just thought it was easier this time to just pick a day and give lots of notice…

    Dr. CaSo – sounds good, I’l add your name to the wiki.

    Chris – the ultimate burger could indeed be the oddest one. Bacon weave, anyone?

  4. Interested in foodie meetup but I’m a mere fraction of a foodie, and shy. Will you take it easy on newbies like me? Need reassurance.

  5. Binster – everyone is welcome, and I think even a “fraction” of a foodie qualifes you as a foodie :). Hope to see you there!

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