Food Notes for January 4, 2010

Mack and I made it back safely from Yellowknife on Sunday afternoon, just in time to watch the Canadian Juniors defeat Switzerland! Unfortunately, a volunteer commitment will prevent me from watching the final against the US (sniff), but Mack has faithfully agreed to update me via text. On to this week’s food notes:

  • Looks like Melting Pot, the US-based fondue chain, is targeting Valentine’s Day for its grand opening (117, 2920 Calgary Trail, next to Cora’s).
  • Lea’s handy site reports that popular Chinatown eatery Pho Tau Bay is closed January 3 – March 5, 2010.
  • In case you missed it, watch for Original Fare’s Fork Fest later this month, January 17-21 and 24-28. Hopefully the menus are released a bit earlier this time.
  • Local bloggers Chris at Eating is the Hard Part and Valerie at A Canadian Foodie started off the new year with new blogs. Go check them out!
  • Liane wrote a good piece on educating Edmonton about food, published last week.
  • Vue Weekly also had a wrap-up article – the best and worst trends of the last decade.
  • Besides being in the press for their abysmal season thus far, the Edmonton Oilers were also in the news for a disputed bill at Osteria de Medici, an upscale Italian eatery in Calgary. Their disputed bill rang in at $16,796.39, including tax and tip. Interesting related thread on Chowhound about the restaurant – and it isn’t positive.
  • I watched the lobster episode of Lynn Crawford’s new Food Network series Pitchin’ In and was not impressed. I was hoping it would be a sort-of farming counterpoint to Bob Blumer’s very well done Glutton for Punishment, but Crawford comes across whiney and condescending. I think it is partly due to choppy editing, but there was nothing of value in the episode – I didn’t learn any more about lobster fishing (techniques or sustainability), cooking techniques, or recipes. I guess it can only get better from here, but I won’t be watching.
  • I finally perused Maple Leaf’s Republic of Bacon site and have to say, it is darn amusing (the “bacon porn” is worth a look, as are the restaurant menus). And though it’s not the same focus as the Hellmann’s Eat Real, Eat Local site, I think it is a better campaign because even though Maple Leaf is behind it, their logo and name aren’t stamped everywhere.
  • Is Christine the new Jared? She could be, with a ridiculous campaign called the Drive Thru Diet from Taco Bell.
  • Food Network Humor has some cute photos of your favourite Food Network chefs when they were younger.
  • I’m sure the Vancouver 2010 merchandise will be even more ubiquitous as the Games approach, but I couldn’t help but snap a photo of the cute bottles of maple syrup bearing the Olympic logo that we saw at a Co-op in Yellowknife.


Does it taste like the Olympics too?

  • Mack’s parents are tea aficionados, and have an entire cabinet devoted to loose leaf teas. In addition to a selection of fine teas, their brewing system also involved a cool Teavana tea maker that, once steeped, would dispense tea into a matching cup placed underneath.


Teavana Perfect Tea Maker

  • Mack’s parents also have a Breville Keurig single-cup coffee maker. While I won’t be giving up our grind and brew system any time soon (nothing beats the smell of fresh-ground beans), it was neat to have a selection of over a dozen coffees at any given time. Mack was particularly blown away by how quickly the K-cup was able to brew a cup of coffee.


Breville single-cup coffee maker

  • Seeing the new Skinny Legs and Cowgirls sign up, Mack and I stopped to check if they were open. While they aren’t yet offering lunch (they will be on January 9), they have been offering dinner and brunch since December 17! It looks beautiful inside, with the tinned ceiling and tiny chandeliers. Can’t wait to try out our new neighbourhood eatery!


Skinny Legs and Cowgirls (12202 Jasper Avenue, 780-423-4107)

9 thoughts on “Food Notes for January 4, 2010

  1. I didn’t even know that Skinny Legs and Cowgirls was moving. Now that they’re much closer to my apartment, I’m much more likely to check them out. (I still haven’t been, despite all the good press.)

  2. Oh sure. Just as soon as I am about to move out of this area of the city center to the east side, SL&C moves.

    I hadn’t realized they were even serving yet out of their new digs, so I’m going to have to get in a few meals before walking there turns into a 22 block trek.

  3. I have always been very skeptical of the single-cup “pod” espresso makers – proprietary coffee formats strike me as just incredibly dumb. I’ve been drinking locally roasted coffee since I moved to Edmonton and I’ll never give that up.

    But over the weekend I noticed that Breville (and only Breville as far as I saw) make a reusable pod for the use of your own grounds! I’m not saying I’m convinced, but I can at least start considering the idea.

  4. Adam and Angel – agreed, restaurants within walking distance of your residence are great.

    Edward – I also would not give up drinking locally roasted coffee, but I can see the appeal of the K-cup, particularly for busy offices where employees have different flavour preferences. I do think the disposable pods are a tad wasteful though, and the reusable cup (which Martin showed us) is a step in the right direction.

  5. Oh cool, I didn’t realize someone had moved into the old Ziveli location. (man am I glad to see that place closed after the original owners sold years ago)

    Lynne Crawford is undoubtedly a very talented chef, but watching old eps of Restaurant Makeover.. she seems pretty conceited. Many times she complains loudly about the mediocre food the cooks prepare for her to try before she makes over the kitchen. Kind of lacking in common courtesy to not even try something that someone has prepared for you IMO.

  6. I know the Breville Kreurig (sp?) is supposed to be awesome… but I can’t get passed all the packaging! My god mother has one… almost seems like more work. And not in the fun performance way, if that makes any sense.

    Also, Skinny Legs and Cowgirls was really delicious when Don took me there in November. Hope you like it too!

  7. Don – I didn’t mind Lynn so much on “Restaurant Makeover”, but it probably helped that there were other people on that show (the designer and construction workers). I don’t think she’s meant to host a show.

    Jo – thanks!

    Elizabeth – I think the syrup will be a hot seller in Vancouver.

    Miss Sarah – the coffee machine was a novelty to me, wouldn’t be something I would use every day. I have been to Skinny Legs (albeit 2 years ago now), but can’t wait to try them in the new location!

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