No Caribou, No Problem: The Black Knight Pub

Mack and I ventured out into the Yellowknife cold (-42 with windchill) in the hopes of having lunch at Yummy Cafe. From the post on the lovely Life in the Knife blog, Yummy looked like my kind of place – family-run, cozy, offering fresh baked goods. Unfortunately, like many restaurants and businesses in Yellowknife, Yummy was closed not only during our visit, but for an entire month. We returned home, disappointed, and vowed to do some more research.

After consulting with Mack’s parents, we decided to visit The Black Knight Pub (and called to make sure it would actually be open on New Year’s Eve). The website revealed the promise of caribou burgers, and Mack was eager to have me try some “northern” type food.

It was actually pretty busy inside, though we had our choice of a handful of vacant tables. The Black Knight had the standard pub decor – a haphazard collection of flags, license plates, badges and the like dressing the walls.

Mack at The Black Knight

It took a few minutes for the waitress to acknowledge our existence, but given the number of patrons inside, we didn’t mind the wait. After perusing the menu of pub favourites, we asked about the seasonal caribou burger – unfortunately, the waitress told us that because of low caribou populations, a supply of meat was difficult to obtain, and a menu change was imminent. We accepted the bison burger ($15.50) alternative.

Mack’s only real complaint about The Black Knight was the beer – his pint of draft Kokanee was inexcusably thin – he compared it to beer-flavoured water. Had he known, he would have ordered a bottle instead.

Our orders arrived in good time, looking as good as they would ultimately taste. The edges of the patty were a tad charred, but it didn’t ruin an otherwise solid burger.

Bison Burger

As we were leaving, we heard the sound checks of a DJ upstairs, where Top Knight would be hosting a New Year’s Eve party later on – I’m sure it was quite the event. If you’re in town, The Black Knight Pub is a good, casual lunch option.

The Black Knight Pub
4910 49 Street, Yellowknife
(867) 920-4041

6 thoughts on “No Caribou, No Problem: The Black Knight Pub

  1. It’s a shame you couldn’t get the caribou burger. Bison is almost run-of-the-mill, at least in Western Canada.

    I’ll have to keep this place in mind (along with the caribou burger) if I’m ever in Yellowknife.

  2. I always evaluate a pub on the quality of the pints it pours. If it can’t handle keeping the beer proper I don’t even want to know what else it is capable of screwing up.

  3. Edward makes a good point. That said, I’d still like to try a caribou burger, and if I have to go to a pub that can’t pour a decent pint to do it, so be it.

  4. Edward – I’m not a beer drinker (beer coolers like Aprikat are as close as I get to drinking beer), so if I’m at a pub, it’s for the food. Perhaps the rest of the beers on tap were fine?

  5. Calgary has great bison burgers at the Burger Inn, 4th st and 18 th Ave SW. They also sell ostrich, turkey and lamb burgers and the guy who owns it is related to Persian royalty !!

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