Food Notes for November 23, 2009

Mack and I booked our tickets to Yellowknife last week, and were able to cash in on a seat sale! We’ll be visiting his folks for a week at the end of December. Looking forward to the trip, but not necessarily to the cold. On to this week’s food notes:

  • A reminder that the launch of Julianna Mimande and Gabe Wong’s book We Eat Together, a celebration of local food and farmers, is taking place at d’Lish on November 25. I hope to attend! You can read more about the book here.
  • Billingsgate will be hosting their annual open house on November 28 from 10am-2pm. Their kitchen will be sampling jambalaya, while several suppliers will be on hand as well offering a taste of smoked salmon and shrimp, among others.
  • A new chocolatier is coming to Commerce Place called Sweet Lollapalooza (lollapalooza is defined as “something outstanding of its kind”). It looks like they are still under construction, but they hope to be open in the next few days. I salivate when I see the photo of the buttercrunch. Can’t wait.
  • New restaurant alert, as seen on Chowhound – an Indian restaurant named Guru is in the works in west Edmonton, in the space formerly occupied by Julio’s Barrio’s.
  • Nate Box twittered that Moriaties Bistro and Wine Bar is coming to the downtown space off Rice Howard Way that used to hold Ching’s Dim Bar.
  • Kerstin’s Chocolates is running an interesting contest called Name That Origin. Visit the store between December 1-22 to fill out an entry form and then taste four different pieces of chocolate to determine their cacao origins. If you can’t identify them currently, you’ll still get a 20% discount coupon, and if you can identify them, you’ll win a container of Chocophilia Drinking Chocolate. Sounds like a good deal to me, and while you’re there, you can get some Christmas shopping done!
  • My article about Garner Beggs of Duchess Bake Shop was published last week. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough space to talk about Garner’s commitment to making the city a better place: “I’m a complainer. And most of my friends are rather sick of hearing me complain about, ‘Oh, the city should be designed this way,’ or ‘Why don’t they do this.’ This is a chance for me to put my money where my mouth is, and do something in the way I think it should be done and take a stance.” Moreover, I think it’s really interesting that Garner and Giselle deliberately chose a neighbourhood that they deemed to be on the cusp: “I wanted to be a part of fostering a community. And part of building something up, rather than just slotting myself into a pre-established [community] such as Whyte Ave. I like 124th, it’s good character.”
  • See Magazine interviewed Hong Nguyen, a manager and daughter of Chinatown’s Lucky 97 owner.
  • Eater linked to an amusing flow chart for fast food restaurants that will help you answer the question “Where should I eat?”
  • Mack sent me a link to an infomercial for the EZ Egg Cracker. Though I don’t think it’s amusing as he does, comment #6 after the video is pretty funny.
  • After checking out the Meet the Locals Festival at Planet Organic, I hopped over to the Doan’s next door for a quick pho fix. It’s not my favourite, but it was close by. I had my camera and Moleskine out, as I hadn’t put them back in my purse yet, and after the waiter took one look at them, the look on his face seemed to be one of “food reviewer recognition.” I have to say, I’ve never had any food from Doan’s come out of the kitchen so fast. As for the pho? All right, but the brisket was notable.

Special Beef Noodle Soup ($8.95)

  • Mack and I ordered pizza on Saturday, succumbing to the Panago spam. We both wanted to try one of their meatball pizzas. We called in the order, placing it for pickup at the Meadowbrook location. When we arrived, the clerk said that our pizza was actually at the Mill Woods location – thankfully it’s not far, but it was definitely an inconvenience. Thankfully, the pizza was pretty darn good – the meatballs were nice and tender, on a pie just loaded with cheese. The red onions were a nice touch too.

Italian Meatball Pizza ($12 for a large)

  • I am among a few coworkers who are voracious consumers of grapefruit. So much is a single grapefruit a part of each of our winter lunch routines that we joke about belonging to a “grapefruit club”. Well one day last week, I found a grapefruit spoon and an accompanying card on my desk. The card proclaimed me to be an official member of the “pamplemousse club” – such a lovely surprise.

All hail the grapefruit spoon!

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