Value-priced Cupcakes: The Cake House

Though my homeward bound bus drops me off right around the corner from The Cake House, it took an after work need for pick-me-up sugar to finally gave me the push to walk through the shop’s doors.

Owner Silvia Salas has twenty years of baking experience. She spent a year working for Fuss Cupcakes, and this year, decided to branch out on her own – The Cake House has been open for about six months. Though her main focus is on special occasion cakes (customers come from as far away as Devon to order her 100% nut free creations), she also offers smaller cakes, pies and cupcakes.

The Cake House

Though the exterior of barred windows and functional interior aren’t as charming as the other cupcakeries like Flirt and Whimsical Cake Studio (plus, no seating area), Silvia’s warmth and friendliness makes up for it somewhat. More than that, the cupcakes are the most economical in the city – just $1.75 each, $10 for a half dozen, and $19.50 for a dozen.

There were more than a dozen flavours to choose from on my visit, including red velvet, oreo and caramel. I picked out French vanilla for myself, and a carrot cupcake for Mack. I brought them home, and couldn’t help but dig in right away – the cake base was moist and not too sweet, and while buttercream icing is not my favourite, I didn’t mind Silvia’s version as much – the super-creamy texture probably had something to do with it. Mack loved his cupcake as well, cinnamon spiced to perfection.

French Vanilla and Carrot Cupcakes

For the price, The Cake House offers very good value – worth checking out if you need a cupcake fix that won’t break the bank.

The Cake House
12415 – 107 Avenue
(780) 451-8882
Monday-Friday 10am-5:30pm, Saturday 10am-4pm

7 thoughts on “Value-priced Cupcakes: The Cake House

  1. Right near my brother’s place. The perfect stopping point on those days when I am babysitting. I never noticed it before. I’ll definately be stopping by though. Thanks!

  2. I recently moved to Edmonton, and have been following your blog for a while (it gives me the sense that I am starting to learn more about the city), and I think it’s great!
    I have one question, though. Could you do a review of the HotSpot Cafe on 107th Street and 103ave? The guys who own it are nice people, but someone needs to tell them that you can’t make a panini from a white bun!

  3. I’m a big fan of Silvia’s — not only is she extremely nice, she also made a fantastic cake for my friend Margo’s 80’s birthday brunch. We sent over a jpeg of pop culture images and Silvia topped the cake with it. It was a huge hit — I’ll see if I can dig up a photo.

  4. Anne – I can’t say I’ve really noticed Hot Spot Cafe – I’ll take a look when I’m in the area next!

    Jennifer – that sounds very cool – I’d love to see a photo if you can find it!

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