Food Notes for November 16, 2009

  • Planet Organic on the south side kicks off their Meet the Locals Food Festival this week, with food tasting tables during the week, and a cooking demonstration by Madison Grill’s Blair Lebsack on November 19. The Festival continues December 14-20 and January 11-17.
  • Marianne over at Loosen Your Belt and Eat Around Edmonton posted about some changes in the Whyte Avenue area – Arriba Mexico (10768 82 Ave, 780-757-8220), and the Friends and Neighbours (10834 82 Avenue) expansion into the space formerly occupied by Nokomis, called Delight, are now open, while Muddy Waters looks to be closed.
  • City Palate reports that chef Paul Tao has opened up a restaurant called Tao Signature on the west end called Tao Signature (10406 Mayfield Road, 780-486-7826).
  • Speaking of City Palate, the local publication is looking for a new name. Their royalty agreement with City Palate expires in 2010, and Mary Bailey is looking for “a new name that reflects what we do best: chronicle Edmonton’s food scene.” E-mail Mary your suggestions by November 20 for a chance to win dinner for four at the Hardware Grill.
  • Good piece in Vue Weekly about wine corkage in local restaurants.
  • I love what Cafe Haven out in Sherwood Park is doing with their Twitter account – offering deals, promoting their products and philosophy – they are evolving into a model for restaurants using Twitter.
  • Artisan Resto Cafe in Old Strathcona has a new website, designed by the same company that put Manor’s new site together.
  • Here’s an interesting unpublished Gourmet article on “speed dating” for farmers and chefs. Neat idea, and something we’ll likely see more of in coming years.
  • I can’t believe Top Chef has their own line of frozen dinners – but I guess nothing is sacred these days.
  • First there was the double-ended peanut butter jar, now there is a peanut butter crank to help reconstitute your peanut butter. Who knew?
  • Mack and I dropped by Ceili’s on Friday to help Brittney celebrate her birthday. It was too cool that instead of a birthday cake, she had a platter of pain au chocolat from Duchess Bake Shop!



  • En route to the Holiday Light-Up, Mack and I stopped in to check out the new Health Fare. It’s a nice space, accented with a bright green colour scheme and funky light fixtures. We played around with their nutritional guidance system (both Mack and I ended up with nearly the same dish choices), but really, we were interested in when their text messaging ordering system would be up. The clerk said it would be installed sometime over the next two weeks, and the end counter would be dedicated to serving these pick-up orders. Marianne and Zed wrote a review about it already – I’m sure others will start trickling in soon.




At the Nutritional Information Kiosk

  • Needing a quick dinner at Kingsway, I succumbed to A & W’s sirloin twins (I really am a sucker for sliders). I appreciated the fact that the buns were grilled, and the inclusion of sweet red onion, but they were absolutely tiny! Clever name, but not worth the $3.49.


Sirloin Twins

2 thoughts on “Food Notes for November 16, 2009

  1. Hello! I just wanted to comment on what a good job you’re doing with your blog! The pictures always make my mouth water and I always keep your reviews in mind whenever I’m looking for a place to chow down 🙂 Thanks!

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