Frozen Yogurt Frenzy: Kiwi Kiss

I have fro-yo envy. Certain US metropolises like New York are overflowing with frozen yogurt joints like Pinkberry and Red Mango, so much so that the competition forces each shop to find their niche, or at least, maintain a high level of quality to retain its customers. We had the chance to visit Iceberry in DC, and loved it as an alternative to a cafe or ice cream parlour.

More than that though, while I’ll have my share of ice cream throughout the year, there’s something about the fruit content and relative lightness of frozen yogurt that appeals to me more as a cold treat. And yes, I do feel less guilty after indulging in a large serving of frozen yogurt than when I have done the same with ice cream or even gelato.

In Edmonton, we have had to rely on a handful of Yogen Fruz outlets, most in shopping centres and others a concession option at Cineplex Theatres…until now.

Kiwi Kiss opened about a month ago in the lower level of the City Centre Shopping Centre, next to Starbucks, while folks in Sherwood Park have Twisted Yogurt Creations (138, 1020 Sherwood Drive, 780-416-1133), open since August of this year, to satiate their cravings.

Kiwi Kiss

I noticed the sign for Kiwi Kiss months ago, but wasn’t aware that it was a frozen yogurt purveyor until I came upon it again on Saturday afternoon while we were in line for Starbucks. I loved the eye-catching green and orange colour scheme and globe lights. I asked the friendly clerks if I could snap their photo for my food blog with an intention to return on a different day. But after they agreed to my request with some curiosity, one of the clerks offered me a sample on the house!

Topping selection

I happily asked for her recommendation, and she obliged, selecting her favourite matcha green tea for me. Kiwi Kiss also offers three additional flavours – original, coconut and acai. Of the dozen or so toppings, including fruit and dry goods, I selected strawberries and blueberries. She threw in a few mochi balls (glutinous rice) which she indicated were an acquired taste, but which she quite enjoys herself. I’ve had them before, but would never have thought to pair it with frozen yogurt.

Kiwi Kiss Frozen Yogurt

As with green tea ice cream, I was expecting an overwhelming, even slightly bitter taste of green tea, but the flavour was subtle, and enjoyably cool to the palate. Mack was anticipating a sweeter yogurt as well, but found it just right. The fruit was a nice touch, even though the berries are far from being in season. The mochi provided some interesting chewy texture, but they didn’t add anything to the yogurt, at least for me.

Prices start at $2.95 for a teaser (small) size of original without toppings, up to $7.95 for nirvana (large) size of the flavoured frozen yogurt with toppings. The size I would likely pick up myself – a small flavoured yogurt with toppings – is priced at a reasonable $4.85, definitely on par with ice creams of similar size. Fruit parfait ($4.95-$5.95) and probiotic iced teas (under $4) are also available.

I look forward to satisfying future fro-yo cravings at Kiwi Kiss – I hope this means more purveyors are on the horizon in the city!

Kiwi Kiss
10088 102 Avenue (Edmonton City Centre Mall)

20 thoughts on “Frozen Yogurt Frenzy: Kiwi Kiss

  1. My favourite source of frozen yogurt in Edmonton is Bar Teca, in the University of Alberta’s HUB Mall. It comes in a bunch of different fruit flavours, but I always ask for plain. I think a small is $3.25, a medium is $3.75, and a large is $4.25, but I might not have it exactly right. Fair warning – they only take debit/credit on purchases over $4.

    I work downtown, though, so I’ll have to try out Kiwi Kiss the next time I’m there and see how it compares!

  2. As someone who lives and often shops downtown, I’ve wandered past the boarded up tiny Kiwi Kiss spot in City Centre Mall for what seemed like forever. Glad to see they’re finally open. However, before they opened I had no idea they were a frozen yogurt spot!!! I thought from the name it was going to be a Body Shop-esque lip gloss selling, bath salt schlepping business.

    The prices sound pretty reasonable. I’m heading out Christmas shopping on Friday. I may have to stop in for a pick me up!

  3. I love this place. My favorite is the acai berry frozen yogurt. Have they released nutritional information yet? I’m curious to know how much sugar is in a teaser size.

  4. Just so you know, next Wednesday and Thursday is their grand opening and everything is half off. I just found this out today.

    I’m eating the acai berry yogurt with blueberries and coconut right now. So delicious.

  5. Hi,

    My name is Mike and I’m the owner of Twisted Yogurt. I would love for you to come to Sherwood Park and sample our product. If you liked Kiwi’s product you will love ours, and especially the fact that you get to help yourself. We will be opening three more locations before next summer within Edmonton.


  6. Hi Michael – thanks for the comment! I actually visited Twisted Yogurt last week, and I loved it. Thanks for the offer though!

  7. So, this nutritional information blows me away!
    The calories for a teaser is just 110~ and it filled me up! I had a breakfast parfait, adding granola to your yogurt adds a very nice texture. They even have gluten free dry toppings! With the addition to yogurt they have probiotic iced teas! Watch out intestinal flora!

  8. Kiwi Kiss has a nice approach to to the fast “dessert/self indulgence market”. WAY healthier than Marble Slab and leaves you feeling better at the bottom of the cardboard container. My fave is the coconut yogurt, pineapple, and raspberries. I appreciate the matcha and acai flavors, but they are not for my palate. The coconut definitely tastes like it has more sugar than the other flavors, but I asked and they all have the same amount. All the fruit looked and tasted of good quality and fresh. Good for them, I hope it takes off and destroys the world. Hopefully at a mall closer to my house.

  9. Heidi will be a bit late, unable to find your phone number at directory or on this site, then I’m not very computor litterate.


  10. There’s a similar named store in my town of Waterloo called Green Kiwi

    I think these stores are popping up everywhere, but this one doesn’t seem too original. What’s the “Kiss” supposed to mean anyways?

  11. Yesm wishewan couldn’t come up with an original ideal if it meant his life, He copies everything.
    He calls himself a Jock, wow, High School Baseball LOL, not even man enough t play hockey.
    Kiwi Kiss isn’t going anywhere , fast!

  12. His next let down is coming soon!

    Jamba Juice will be in Canada by the end of 2010
    C’YA Booster Juice

  13. Judging from the the buzz on Kiwi Kiss, I would say it IS going somewhere fast, as in across Canada. As a Booster Juice franchisee, I say to Jamba Juice, bring it on.

  14. How do you like the fact,(as a BJ franchisee) that Wishewan is uses BJ resources, and probably your Advertising funds (since BJ advertising is NON exsistent) to start something new? OH Jamba Juice is Bigger and alot better then BJ, don’t under estimate that Fact!!!

  15. I tried Kiwi Kiss for the first time a couple of weeks ago. Loved it. I am NUTS for PinkBerry in the U.S.. I can’t get enough of it whenever I am in L.A. or New York. Kiwi Kiss is almost as good. It’s just a little sweeter, and I prefer how tart the PinkBerry yogurt is. In any case, Kiwi Kiss is a very welcome “almost as good” yogurt place in Edmonton.

    Also, that comment from Heidi’s Dad is so awesome. 🙂

  16. Just to let you know, Kiwi Kiss has started offering waffles. I believe they are either multigrain or whole wheat, with flax mixed in. I don’t know if they make them all day. The waffles are fresh — the make up the batter themselves and make them on the waffle maker right then and there for you. For a bit over $6.00, you get a fairly large waffle (you can get half of one if you want) and you top it with your choice of frozen yogurt, 3 other toppings, and real maple syrup. They gave all the offices in the mall half off coupons, so my waffle worked out to $3.00, which I thought was a great deal. I had mine with coconut frozen yogurt, shredded coconut, raspberries, and chocolate chips, and just a drizzle of maple syrup. A full waffle is extremely filling — I was tempted to toss in the towel on it about 3/4 of the way through. If you are not a big eater, a half of a waffle might do you. It was delicous and not a bad option for a healthy breakfast here in the mall. Definitely good as a treat every once in awhile.

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