The Cooking Chronicles: Curried Tofu Scramble with Chapati

I am one of those people who is afraid to cook without a recipe, at least for dishes I am trying my hand at for the first time. But after sampling my coworker’s curried tofu scramble (which I thought could pass for scrambled eggs), and asking her for the verbal recipe, she convinced me that the four ingredients (plus spices) would be difficult to mess up.

She had eaten the dish with chapati, an Indian flatbread. I did not get the chance to ask her for that recipe, but located one online that didn’t look too difficult. Using our brand spanking new food processor (which helped greatly), combining the whole wheat flour, salt, warm water and oil into dough was a snap. Once we had refrigerated the dough for the minimum thirty minutes, Mack proceeded to roll the dough out into flat discs, while I preheated the pan.

Mack rolling out dough

We’ve never made flatbread before, and I have to tell you I was almost giddy when I watched the chapati balloon. For some reason, I didn’t think such a simple ingredient base, preparation, and short time span would actually translate into a successful product.

A ballooning chapati!

Once the chapati were done, we set to make the curried tofu (having only one usable non-stick pan definitely slowed down our dinner preparation that night). To two softened medium onions, we crumbled in one package of extra firm tofu, and made sure to cook it until all of the tofu’s liquid had evaporated. We added turmeric and curry powder (completely forgetting about the salt and pepper), and then two medium diced tomatoes. Lastly, we threw in a handful of chopped parsley (my coworker had recommended cilantro, but we did not have any on hand).

The result? Not bad for a first try on both recipes. The chapati was much more dry than my coworker’s had been (expected for a variety of reasons – technique, old flour, etc.), but was all right. The curried tofu was also okay, with a notable texture unlike any tofu I ever had before, but lacked a certain something beyond salt and pepper. Mack commented that the tomatoes made the dish for him.

Curried Tofu Scramble (a shade of radioactive yellow!)

After we made this, I read a post over at the Little Red Kitchen that may help us with future scrambles. Anyway, I love a recipe that can be made using pantry and fridge staples, and this is one that we may play around with yet.

5 thoughts on “The Cooking Chronicles: Curried Tofu Scramble with Chapati

  1. Good for you, Sharon!
    I loved your enthusiasm when you described yourself as “giddy” when you were rewarded with the outstanding success from such simple ingredients. I could totally relate to that. I often wonder about “the first” person who did this… and how incredible it is that there are so many fantasitic and different breads that can be made with such simple ingredients. Isn’t that fun! I made a toasty bread bubble pocket that I learned about from one of Richard Bertinet’s videos on bread making. I was jumping outside of the oven I was so excited. He (and I) stuffed a salad inside of the “crouton” bubble through a tiny hidden hole in the bottom, and the guest cracks it open from the top and the salad springs out… I had completely forgot about this memory until I read your blog and related to your emotion. Amazing!
    PS: I would love to host an Edmonton Foodie Blog Christmas Potluck if you would like to organize it…
    … and what is your job? You refer to it often enough, yet I have missed what it is.
    Thanks, Sharon…I find your posts about what is going on in this city the most thorough and comprehensive. No one does it better!
    Have a great day!
    (PS… are you a Slow Food Member?)

  2. That stuffed crouton you described sounds amazing (and complicated!). I will have to e-mail you about planning future foodie meetups – and yes, I am a Slow Food member.

  3. Not at all complicated, Sharon… that was the beauty of it. It looks spectacular, seems completely undoable, but was so simple it was funny.
    I checked back today becasue I would have thought you would have e-mailed me by now about that. Please do. Are you going to the Slow Food Meeting today? If so, we can talk about it then. Thanks!

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