Creations Grand Opening

A few weeks ago, I received an e-mail from Sawridge Inn inviting me to the grand opening of their new dining space, Creations. Located in the former Holiday Inn on Gateway Boulevard, I was interested to see what they had done – the photos on the website seemed promising.

We were greeted with a jam-packed parking lot on Thursday evening about halfway through the event. I think we were both expecting a more intimate, personable opening, so we did not anticipate the crowd that was present. We are also among the youngest in the room, and definitely underdressed in jeans, as most of the attendees were in business attire. We didn’t recognize anyone, though I found out after the fact that Foodie Suz was also there!

Creations Lounge

We were made to feel welcome though as we walked into the hotel, directed to the coat check and oriented to the layout of the space. The Creations Gallery features art work by Canadian artists, with new pieces presented on an ongoing basis. The water feature separating the exhibition from the lounge was lovely.

Creations Gallery

The art theme continued in the dining space, with a focus on Aboriginal pieces. I loved the wood and stone accents, which helps separate the room from the bustling freeway outside. And though Creations isn’t large, the high ceiling helps make the space seem bigger.

Welcoming dream catcher

Dining room

Stunning 12 foot fireplace

Several food and drink stations were scattered throughout. Not only was wine poured, but champagne and spirits as well! We also helped ourselves to bite-size samples of several of their regular menu items. Mack’s favourite was the teriyaki scallops, while I loved the pork tenderloin with a blueberry and port compote.

Pork Tenderloin with Blueberry and Port Compote and Sherried Beef Caprese

Almond-encrusted Sole, Cranberry Chicken Breast and Flat Iron Steak

Dungeness Crab and Spinach Dip and Pistachio Lamb with Rhubarb Chutney

On the whole, I was impressed with the food. Considering everything had to be prepared in large batches and kept warm either with burners or heat lamps, I could still taste the quality.

Before we left, we were each given at $25 gift card. Even if they hadn’t provided us with this generous gift, I would have considered returning for a full meal anyway – the entrees are intriguing, and the menu prices are reasonable. We’ll be back, and I look forward to experiencing Creations on a regular night.

Creations (in Sawridge Inn Edmonton South)
4235 Gateway Blvd.
(780) 989-4439

4 thoughts on “Creations Grand Opening

  1. Someday, Sharon – someday, I will be as renown on the Edmonton culinary stage as you are… Heh. I want to start getting invites to these la-di-da events!


  2. Something I’d like to see – addresses, or clearer local landmarks, closer to the top of the review. I’ve seen it done best as a parenthetical inline of at least the intersection it is close to.

    The first question I always ask is where in proximity to my life does this dining location sit, and I always scroll to the bottom before I read on.

    This one looks excellent and is walking distance from work. Awesome!

  3. I travel a bit through the province for work and Sawridge hotels tend to have better food than others.

    I won’t really be travelling to this one but I’ll have to find an excuse to eat there based on their track record.

    Too bad about the name (“Creations”). Long-standing debates suggest an “evolution” of the restaurant is out of the question.

  4. Christopher – I know I am very fortunate to be invited to events like these!

    Edward – thanks for the suggestion. I actually used to include the address in brackets at the top; perhaps I will have to revert to something similar again.

    Dave – I’ve never been to a Sawridge property before; I don’t think I was aware of their presence in the province until checking out their website. Creations, at least, is definitely worth a try.

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