The Cooking Chronicles: Curried Chicken, Potato and Rice Soup

Though Saturday started out scorching hot, the night hosted one of the city’s most intense thunderstorms in quite some time, and it turned out to be a perfect occasion for a comforting bowl of chicken soup.

A recipe for a curried chicken and rice soup in Food Network Magazine had caught my eye – the thought of fragrant dill simmering with chicken stock was all it took. And though it wasn’t quite a one-pot wonder (two, in fact), the work required was minimal. I threw in some halved baby red potatoes from Greens, Eggs and Ham that we had in the fridge for additional heartiness, but besides that, kept to the ingredients specified. I also couldn’t be bothered to puree the rice.

The result was a lustrous yellow broth filled with tender onions, moist chicken and perfectly soft carrots and potatoes. Mack would have liked a little more rice, but other than that, had no complaints.

Curried Chicken, Potato and Rice Soup

We had enough leftover for lunch the next day, served with fresh-from-oven dill-icious cheddar and dill scones (sorry, I couldn’t help myself). The soup is great recipe that would work well with leftover rice, chicken and vegetables and we’ll be keeping it in mind in the future.

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