Company’s Coming Scratch & Dent Sale 2009

I dragged Mack to the Company’s Coming Scratch & Dent Sale, that took place today, and continues tomorrow (he’s a trooper – it was Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals after all). While we didn’t spend that much time there, we did make the trip worth our while.

Cookbooks were priced at up to 80% off, and really, the deals were better than I anticipated. All of the Original Series titles were just $4, while the hardcover Lifestyle, Moved Loved Recipes and Special Occasion titles were $6.

Pallets of books!

After completing a simple survey outside the tent, I collected a free copy of Company’s Coming Cooking Tips. To that, I paid for Muffins & More (a classic!) and a book brimming with colour photos called Cooking at Home: The Magazine Recipe Collection. The only downside was that their offerings were not comprehensive (as it wouldn’t be), but a few titles that I was looking for weren’t there (here is a shot of what they do have for sale).

Happy additions to my cookbook collection

The best thing about the event, however, was the opportunity to have Jean Paré autograph my cookbook! (Limited to one per person though). It was quite interesting, as she had a list of comments pre-drafted, and depending on the cookbook presented, she would insert a specified line.


They also had a few random utensils on sale – I picked up a vegetable peeler and a small knife for $1 (yes, I’m a sucker for cheap deals).

The sale continues on Saturday, June 13, from 9am-3pm at the Company’s Coming warehouse located at 2311-96 Street.

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