“Big Night” at Al Fresco on 104th

deVine Wine and Spirits organized a great day of fundraising for the Alberta Council of Women’s Shelters called Al Fresco on 104th, with activities on the street ranging from an outdoor fashion show to yoga (on grass to boot!), and indoor wine and port tastings.

104th Street

After visiting the City Centre Market on Saturday, however, I didn’t stick around for the activities, choosing instead to run errands with a plan to return for their outdoor movie screening at 10pm. We really enjoyed the family-friendly Movies on the Square experience last year, and thought this would be a good opportunity to take in an adult-oriented drama instead.

Mack and I brought along chairs, and when we arrived, found that much of the good viewing real estate was taken up by a fenced patio that jutted out from TZiN. We ended up setting up our chairs just beside the patio, and threw in a donation for satisfying ice cream sandwiches, which we enjoyed while waiting for the movie to start.

2.5 storey inflatable movie screen

Big Night was a pretty good movie, with some food-centric scenes (I told Mack I now want timpano for my birthday, heh). I can’t say that I enjoyed the experience of watching it at this particular venue though – adjacent to the boisterous patio crowd who paid no attention to the fact that there was a movie screening, it was like trying to watch a movie next to a beer garden. In the end, it was just a poor set-up, something I hope the organizers will keep in mind should they attempt this again.

7 thoughts on ““Big Night” at Al Fresco on 104th

  1. My wife and I saw the outdoor fashion show at 7 pm which was fun (and lead to a shopping spree for my wife) as was the wine tasting at Devines although the latter was very cramped despite the crowd control with it being difficult to get at the tasting tables. The al fresco seating for TZin and the Blue Plate Diner filled up quickly and there was a long lineup for the barbecue so we had dinner inside at the Blue Plate D. where it was at least air conditioned but otherwise the food there continues to not impress.

  2. I loved the event. It’s good for Edmonton whenever there is something new and original to do. The lineup for the barbecued chicken was nuts, but worth it.

    It’s not a movie theatre, it’s an outdoor movie downtown, so I really didn’t expect everyone to be quiet, and I was still able to enjoy the film. I don’t think the organizers need to change a thing. Outdoor movie with drinks? Doesn’t get much better, unless that movie is Big Night! It’s more than just a pretty good movie with some food-centric scenes. It’s one of the greatest foodie movies of all time.

  3. Jim – the outdoor fashion show would have been something to see (thankfully, the Whyte Avenue Fashion Extravaganza is coming up…)

    Darren – I read somewhere that “Big Night” is comparable with “Eat Drink Man Woman” – I have to say I prefer the latter as a “foodie” movie. At any rate, I liked the outdoor nature of the screening too, but I have to say it wasn’t the most enjoyable setting to watch a movie. Drinks? Yes. Disruptive socializing throughout the two hours? No thanks.

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