Food Notes for April 13, 2009

How is it that long weekends (and four-day ones at that) just evaporate? Hope everyone had a good Easter break!

  • In the vein of the “very sexy party” held at Eden Lilly in February, local companies that promote sustainability and ecology have banded together to put on an event called Tipsy Hippy at Whyte Avenue’s Lucid Lifestyle, taking place on April 18. There will be food and drinks, art displays, and music. Vendors will include EnSante Winery, AlleyKat, and Breadland.
  • Jan Hostyn wrote a great profile of Baker Bill, aka Bill O’Gorman, the man behind the fast-vanishing bread at the Old Strathcona and City Centre markets.
  • Ballots for See Magazine’s 2009 Best of Edmonton are out. Eligible ballots submitted by May 2 will be entered to win prizes.
  • A little Vancouver-based company that makes Hardbite Potato Chips were featured on one of the Great Food Revolution episodes recently. I found them at the Italian Centre in a multitude of flavours, but the salty and simple Himalayan Crystallized Salt is my favourite so far.
  • Culinary documentaries are all the rage, it seems – Gold Medal Plates, a seven-part behind-the-scenes look at Canada’s “most coveted culinary competition” airs its first episode on Travel & Escape on Sunday, May 10. Episodes can also be seen online.
  • There were a few notable articles in the NYT this past week – the first on an intriguing trend of restaurants having wines on tap (yes, you read that correctly), another on pairing wines with Chinese cuisine, and a piece on banh mi in New York.
  • I still think Costco should consider implementing an express line, and it seems some think Starbucks needs one as well. A recent post on the Starbucks Gossip Blog quotes someone who thinks there is merit to having a separate line for those who can order their drinks in four lines or less, otherwise: “If you need to use the words ‘caramel,’ ‘chocolate,’ ‘pumpkin,’ ‘eggnog’ or ‘peppermint,’ you’re not drinking coffee. You’re having dessert.” Heh.
  • While I didn’t have a “proper” Easter dinner this weekend, I did have a potluck with a few of my girlfriends. I took care of dessert (an apple crisp I have made in the past), while my friends supplied the bulk of the meal:

Janice’s Apple and Grape Spinach Salad

May’s Pistachio and Breadcrumb-crusted Fish

Annie’s Spanish Omelette

One thought on “Food Notes for April 13, 2009

  1. Costco is in desperate need of an express line. I frequently only buy 2-3 items, and standing in line for 20 minutes is incredibly frustrating.

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