Food Notes for February 24, 2009

This has not been a good winter for me; second time in two months I’ve been sick – this time, the flu. At any rate, the notes must go on (albeit late):

  • Marianne and Zed of Loosen Your Belt and Eat Around Edmonton spotted an upcoming Mexican restaurant coming soon to Whyte Avenue and 108 Street.
  • Original Fare restaurants are pairing up with Unicef for its second-annual Tap Project this year, where diners can donate $1 towards the cause for the glass of typically complimentary tap water. Details aren’t on the website yet, but they likely will appear closer to the March 22-29 event date.
  • Liane Faulder and Jan Hostyn of Vue Weekly must be on the same wavelength(or there’s really nothing to cover in this town…) – in early February, they published articles on Andrea Donini of Earthly Delight Soup Co in the same week, then just this past week, Jan published a piece on Leva Cafe’s Jennifer Ogle, who had been covered in the Journal the week prior.
  • An interesting post from Ganda of eat drink one woman (a New York blogger who is in Sweden for the next six months) about food sold in tubes.
  • Need more blogs to add to your daily reading list? From Mack: a Times Online list of 50 best blogs worldwide.
  • Speaking of great blogs – Eat. Drink. Better. is a great resource for those looking at issues about food sustainability. It is great at highlighting new and innovative ideas.
  • I’m gearing up for the Top Chef finale tomorrow. Like many though, I was shocked at the contestant that was eliminated last week. Unlike other reality shows that are up front about considering past performances, the judges on Top Chef never make this apparent, resulting always in surprise – and seemingly unfair decisions. I’m rooting for anyone but Stefan!
  • Though the following isn’t food-related, I thought it was clever enough to share:

One thought on “Food Notes for February 24, 2009

  1. On Top Chef tonight I was glad to see that Stefan lost but very disappointed that Carla didn’t cook as well as she is capable. Hosea was still very deserving of being Top Chef. Too bad for Carla.

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