Food Notes for February 9, 2009

  • Late reporting on a number of restaurant closures, from Chowhound – The Mill (8109 101 Street) is now Maki-Maki, which is offering 10% off for the month of February, La Tapa (10523 99 Avenue) closed at the end of last year, and Grandma D’s BBQ Cookhouse (16336 111 Avenue) early in January. Churros King (10152A 82 Avenue) also closed, to be replaced by a cupcake store (see below).
  • Speaking of cupcakes, Whimsical Cupcakes will be offering cupcake and cake decorating classes.
  • The Journal reviewed Savour Divino on Saturday, and gave it a positive rating. The restaurant is hosting an open house and gala on February 10 at 5:30pm.
  • The Globe awarded Daniel Boulud’s incarnation of Lumiere in Vancouver a glowing review last week.
  • If anyone were to make me Twitter more, it would be Ruth Reichl.
  • This site will either make you hungry or want to hurl.
  • And onto thoughtfully-prepared food, via Urban Diner, AnnaTheRed’s beautiful bento boxes, including my favourite – a Wall-E inspired sandwich and a farm scene.
  • This is a cute way of seeing what to eat that’s in season in New York – a local foods wheel. Alberta has a Savour Regional Flavour Seasonal Fresh Food Guide, but it’s really not the same.
  • On a dinner break at the food security conference a week ago, I headed to Quan’s Cafe (11148 142 Street NW) across the street for a bite to eat. It turns out they are only open for take-out from 4-6pm, so I had to grab my pho and eat, inconspicuously in a coffee shop. It was to determine from styrofoam containers whether or not the soup is worth returning for (particularly because their hours of operation are so tight), but I do like the interior at the very least.


Quan’s Cafe interior

  • Has anyone else ever had the fruit flan from Sunterra? I heart the chocolate-coated shortbread crust so light, it almost tastes like a meringue.


Fruit Flan from Sunterra

  • Very Eater of us, but we couldn’t resist taking a photo of the exterior of the “CUPCAKES coming soon” sign (in the location that formerly housed Churros King in Old Strathcona). It’s really about time a cupcakes store made it to Whyte Avenue – Calgary’s 17th Avenue equivalent has two, maybe more. Mack’s photo even made it onto Cupcakes Takes the Cake!


Coming soon!

4 thoughts on “Food Notes for February 9, 2009

  1. Churros King is still there, just sitting empty. This used to be a cell store.

    There appears to also be another cupcake store opening on Whyte, next to the Funky Pickle.

  2. Thanks for the correction, Maggie – didn’t realize there were two empty storefronts next to each other.

    And I’ll have to pass by Funky Pickle as well…when it rains, it pours, I guess.

  3. The cupcake shop near Churros is open as of this weekend and its name is Flirt. My wife and I tried two of their cupcakes ($2.95 each, $16.95 for six)and found them to be good if not outstanding. According to their card their website is The staff in Flirt said that the other cupcake shop west of them on Whyte ave. (near Funky Pickle) is also open.

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