Food Notes for January 26, 2009

  • There’s a new Original Joe’s set to open in the new 23rd Avenue complex – their expansion is slow and steady, but I think their brand of casual fare is getting recognized.
  • Foodie Suz received a tip on her blog about a second Careit Urban Deli opening up in March in Crestwood.
  • Liane Faulder profiled the Prairie Mill Bread Company over the weekend (I have to agree with Mack about the poor usability of the Journal website – you would think a natural link in the above article would be to the bakery’s website).
  • Sabor Divino garnered its first review in the mainstream media in See Magazine. It’s a thumbs up (guess I shouldn’t give the Journal too much flack; See doesn’t link to the restaurant either).
  • Courtney and Brooke from Take it and Like it were profiled in last week’s Saint City News. Congrats!
  • I perused the Edmonton section of Urban Spoon the other day, and it reminds me a lot of Yelp. Anyone started actively using it? Perhaps the iPhone app makes the site useful, but I have to say I still prefer Chowhound; there’s something about the message board format that appeals to me.
  • This would be so useful, particularly if your office lunch room is equipped not with a toaster oven, but with a toaster: reusable Toastabags that help obtain the right crispy texture for everything from cookies to pizza.
  • Andree over at are you gonna eat that wrote a thoughtful, balanced entry about dog meat that she tried on her recent visit to China. Worth a read.
  • There is a bright lining in belonging to a smaller food community – not having to pay $10-12 for Vietnamese subs (as is the trend in New York right now).
  • Of course, there are some trends that I hope land in Edmonton soon, like chocolate chip cookie dough shooters available at a coffee shop (for just $1!).
  • Annie had a food-filled birthday party on Friday. Thanks to Mike and Virginia for the feast, and happy birthday Annie!


Hong Kong-style potato salad (my favourite dish of the night, featuring apples, celery, red onion, tomatoes, shrimp and potato)


Mike’s famous chicken wings


Beef and vegetable skewers, roasted on the Foreman Grill


Annie dishes out her Chestnut Cake from Garden Bakery

5 thoughts on “Food Notes for January 26, 2009

  1. Toastabags are awesome! I brought some home from England last month. Do you know if they sell them in the city though? I’d like to get some for my sister.

  2. Oh, and as for the price, $10.95 is a rip off. I bought my 2-pack for a mere pound. I guess I’ll just have them sent to me from England.

  3. Where are they sticking the new Original Joe’s?

    They certainly seem to have a lot of locations, there already is one on 23rd Ave @ Rabbit Hill Road!

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