Food Notes

  • Turns out D’Lish on 124th Street is another meal-assembly business, along the lines of the south side’s Passionate Plate. It opens some time this month.
  • City Palate reports that the upcoming Sabzy Cafe (which will occupy the old Sapphire Lounge space on Whyte) will be a Mediterranean/Turkish spot, and also mentioned the new Sabor Divino (109-10220 103 Street NW, 780-757-1114) to watch for on the Boardwalk.
  • Also from City PalateKerstin’s new Chocophilia flavour is Cardamom Mint. I’ll need to get out to the store some time soon to give it a try.
  • Hanne Lynch wrote about her experience at a NAIT Culinary Skills course that I’ve been considering for a while – Kitchen Skills I – The Art of Garde Manger & Knife Skills. Her husband blogged about their experience here.
  • It’s funny how excited I get about potato chips, but it’s undeniable: President’s Choice has added two new flavours to their premium line of chips – Spicy Piri Piri and Tandoori Chicken. I have no doubt the former will be too hot for my palate, but I was happy with my initial sampling of the latter.
  • Instead of the 100 Mile Diet, how about the $1 a day diet? A New York Times article about the subject in an economic downturn.
  • Also from the Times, a great primer article on Yelp, a rising star in the food subset of social media. I’ve been spending more time on Chowhound as of late, but I started browsing Yelp, and it looks like an interesting community. I’ll be poking around a bit more.
  • I normally purchase the cheapest cupcake liners I can find, but should a special occasion arise, I wouldn’t mind considering these absolutely gorgeous paper Filigree Cupcake Wrappers.
  • Employees at my organization were treated to a fundraising “Ethnic Lunch” this past week. For just $10, we were treated to a buffet of Indian and African dishes, including Daal and Curried Cabbage. Delish!


My plate

  • Megan bought me Foodie Fight, a trivia game that asks questions on everything food-related. We’ve already played it twice, and I’m happy to say I’ve been on the winning side each time. Thanks Megan!


Foodie Fight (the board on the left belongs to Gord and Andrea, while the one on the right belongs to Mack and I)

5 thoughts on “Food Notes

  1. Another restaurant claimed by a labour shortage: Sankyu (their west end location). I was checking out their website last night, and saw their notice posted there. I had not been yet, but was eager to try their izakaya style dining after being (mostly) impressed by their downtown location on two visits.

    The Jasper Avenue location “Sankyu 2 Go” remains open, but they serve quite a different menu.

    Skip the popular bento boxes and get their hand rolled to order sushi. Impressive, if pricey. Their udon “soup” is a waste of time and money. I look forward to trying the tempura. It seemed light and fresh, which is exactly what I crave in tempura.

    Oh, and if you read the NYTimes frequently online, maybe you already saw this, but they are now doing Soundslide restaurant reviews. Here, Frank Bruni talks about affordable sushi in New York City. It’s a new and fun way to do things.

    (I’m praying the html I’ve laid in this comment works. *crosses fingers*)

  2. I haven’t been to Sankyu, though to be honest, I don’t eat sushi. Good to know about though, if not only to recommend.

    Thanks for the link to that NYT feature, as I haven’t seen it before. The numerous photos really give you a feel of the place.

  3. I’ve had a hankering for Olive Garden recently, but every time the hubby & I get down there it’s a crazy lineup. Clearly there are tables/sections with free spots, but their lack of servers and cooks seem to result in hour+ waits!

  4. I went by the area where Sankyu is, and it was opened. The 98 street location of Hoang Long is unfortunately closed, due to lack of workers. I discovered this earlier in the week when I tried to go there for lunch.

    Regarding Yelp – it is a very cool service, sort of like a social networking site and directory at the same time. I’ve been writing reviews on Edmonton locations since the end of September.

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