Better Luck Next Time: Marco’s Famous

For a quick food stop prior to a Revolutionary Speakers’ Series lecture by Sue Johanson (of Sunday Night Sex Show fame), we opted to try Marco’s Famous in the Students’ Union Building on campus (8900 114 Street). We always walk by the “flagship” Whyte location with intentions to stop, but timing has never worked out.

On this day, the line at SUB merchants was clearly favouring the new Taco Time (which replaced Funky Pickle), but there were still a few customers hovered around the Marco’s order counter. It didn’t take me long to decide on a Cheeseburger ($5.50), while Mack decided to taste the Donair ($6.50). We topped off our dinner with an order of large fries ($4.00).

Our order was complete in just a few minutes, and we quickly found a seat to chow down as we watched the line to the Myer Horowitz grow. My 6oz. burger looked pretty standard – the patty topped with condiments, onions and a pickle. But when I bit into it, it started oozing ketchup – so much so that the ketchup began leaking from the top of the bun. And at $5.50, I would have preferred a chargrilled Harvey’s burger. Mack found his donair under a similar sauce-siege – it was messy and thus difficult to eat. The fries were also a disappointment – bland and under-seasoned, we would have welcomed salt or adornment of any kind.


Remnants of Mack’s donair


Though we are willing to give Marco’s another try (and not judge all outlets by our experience at this one), they will definitely have to step up to the plate next time.

Marco’s Famous
8900 114 Street
(780) 437-8644

3 thoughts on “Better Luck Next Time: Marco’s Famous

  1. Your burger looks like something you get a one of the summer festivals. Maybe it’s just the angle, but it looks like a depressingly sad burger. I do have this great impression of ketchup everywhere once you squeeze it. I think Mack is the first person I know of who didn’t appreciate the sauce, or maybe there was just too much. I always hear people asking for extra extra sauce. Did you know their is a place on Jasper that makes a Donair Poutine!

    Do you guys have a favorite place for fries, or have you blogged about such a thing before?

  2. I’ve always found your lack of pretentiousness so rewarding- ok, I’d get in an argument about Costco fries being edible let alone fries – and I’m glad to see you tackle Marcos donairs. I don’t eat them often, but I’ve found them to be one of the best donairs around.

    There is an art to eating a Marcos donair though – it requires strategy and tactics that can only be fully understood through experience.

    I’ve never liked the looks of anything else coming off the Marcos grill, but anyone looking for a donair should really consider running – not walking – to get one.

    (The onion rings are a suitable accompaniment that are much harder for the kitchen to ruin than fries are)

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