The Cooking Chronicles: Fastest Cinnamon Buns

Second to flaky biscuit sandwiches, my favourite thing to wake up to are cinnamon buns, hot out of the oven. I’ve been meaning to try a recipe I cut out of the Journal a while back for no-yeast cinnamon buns, and I finally had the opportunity to make them over the weekend.

The only negative point about this recipe was the need to use a food processor to pulse the cottage cheese (resulting in more dishes to wash in the end), but besides that, everything was pretty straightforward. I eliminated the allspice and ground cloves for ease, and opted to nix the glaze as well – who needs unnecessary steps in the morning?

The final product was quite good, better than the Cinnamon Sticky Biscuits I had tried a while back. The texture was quite a bit different from yeast-made buns (they were more crunchy and similar to biscuit dough), but they were satisfying and great with a cup of coffee.

This recipe will go in the plus pile, though perhaps for afternoon tea or dessert. It seems I have less energy in the mornings to make something other than cereal or eggs for breakfast these days.


Fastest Cinnamon Buns

4 thoughts on “The Cooking Chronicles: Fastest Cinnamon Buns

  1. I totally agree about waking up to the smell of cinnamon buns. My mother always made “land of nods” on christmas morning, and besides being the most delicious present ripping breakfast, the smells of coming from the oven were amazing! Oh the memories.

  2. Food smells (or aromas in general) are such a harbinger of memories, eh?

    Can’t say I know what “land of nods” are though – is that just another name for cinnamon buns?

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