The Cooking Chronicles: Fastest Cinnamon Buns

Second to flaky biscuit sandwiches, my favourite thing to wake up to are cinnamon buns, hot out of the oven. I’ve been meaning to try a recipe I cut out of the Journal a while back for no-yeast cinnamon buns, and I finally had the opportunity to make them over the weekend.

The only negative point about this recipe was the need to use a food processor to pulse the cottage cheese (resulting in more dishes to wash in the end), but besides that, everything was pretty straightforward. I eliminated the allspice and ground cloves for ease, and opted to nix the glaze as well – who needs unnecessary steps in the morning?

The final product was quite good, better than the Cinnamon Sticky Biscuits I had tried a while back. The texture was quite a bit different from yeast-made buns (they were more crunchy and similar to biscuit dough), but they were satisfying and great with a cup of coffee.

This recipe will go in the plus pile, though perhaps for afternoon tea or dessert. It seems I have less energy in the mornings to make something other than cereal or eggs for breakfast these days.


Fastest Cinnamon Buns