The Cooking Chronicles: Cinnamon Sticky Biscuits

I originally saw Julie van Rosendaal’s recipe for Cinnamon Sticky Biscuits in a print magazine, but lucky enough, it was also available on her blog, Dinner with Julie (it was profiled in the Journal a few months ago). I felt like a sweet dessert on Friday, and it seemed like a good recipe to try on a cool summer evening.

Except for lining the pan with parchment, and attempting (and failing) to roll out the dough with a rolling pin instead of patting it into a rectangle, I followed all of the directions as listed. Twenty minutes later, the oven yielded a bubbling pan of golden cinnamon buns.

I was expecting a biscuit-like consistency from the buns, but it actually tasted more like a cross between a biscuit and a regular bread-dough cinnamon bun, meaning that it took some getting used to. I wasn’t a huge fan of the sticky brown sugar, honey, and butter topping – it hardened quite quickly into a crunchy, chewy candy-like confection that didn’t go well with the softer texture of the biscuits.

This would be a great go-to recipe to pull out for an afternoon tea, rainy-day activity with the kids (they can help mix the dough or help top the rolled-out dough), or when you’re looking for a quick after-dinner treat.

Cinnamon Sticky Biscuits

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