Value Village for Crafters: Reuse Centre

Finally making good on my curiosity, I actually entered the Reuse Centre (10004 103A Ave) a little while ago instead of passing it by as I have always done in the past.

Reuse Centre (in front of the CN Tower)

Inside, I found a treasure trove of donated items perfect for the everyday crafter, parents building rainy day busy kits, teachers and child care professionals looking for inexpensive art materials, and those creative souls that can make magic from scraps.

A friendly staff member oriented me to the centre – open since July 2007 as a two year pilot by the City of Edmonton, the Reuse Centre “collects everyday items five days a week, year round, and make them available to groups and individuals who will reuse them.” Everything from old records, photo albums, trophies, and a plethora of arts and crafts supplies can be found, organized and sorted and labelled for easy perusal. Individuals are charged just $2 for as much as one can carry out, and even as a non-crafter, I found bags of new bows, ribbon, and gift bags that I could use for presents.

The setting of a treasure hunt

Like any store that constantly receives shipments (Winners, Goodwill, etc.), the Reuse Centre is a place that begs to be visited on a weekly basis.

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