The Cooking Chronicles: Chocolate Fondue Night

Annie graciously hosted a chocolate fondue party on Sunday night, something she has been wanting to do for some time.

While Janice and Annie cut up fruit we had purchased that afternoon, I got to work on preparing the chocolate base in a double boiler. Using Rachael Ray’s recipe as a guide, I melted together milk chocolate melting wafers, squares of dark chocolate, some whipping cream, and a dash of Baileys. Having never tried chocolate fondue before, I wasn’t sure what consistency to aim for, but as we could add chocolate and/or cream to the mixture anytime, I wasn’t too concerned. I transferred the concoction to the ceramic fondue pot, and surrounded by bowls of fresh fruit, cookies and sweets, the dessert looked positively inviting.

Count me surprised that the tiny tealight was able to keep the mixture bubbling, even to the point where we were able to easily melt in more chocolate to top off what we had. Between the strawberries, cantaloupe, bananas, peaches, and apple slices, I liked the latter fruit the best – the crunchy texture suited the dipping exercise nicely. Chocolate-dipped Teddy Grahams weren’t bad as well, though the chocolate-chunk coated cookies were a bit too sweet, even for me. The fondue experience was not only fun, but I ended up feeling more full than I expected – it turns out one can eat quite a bit when everything is coated in chocolate.

Thanks Annie for hosting the party!

The spread

Annie posing with Black Cat Riesling (I bought it more for the novelty bottle than the wine itself)

Janice multitasks (again! and she was on call too!)

May and Janice

Me and Annie

5 thoughts on “The Cooking Chronicles: Chocolate Fondue Night

  1. I love chocolate fondue so much. Nice touch with the Baileys, I’ll have to remember that for this weekend as we are going to have another chocolate fondue.

  2. Love your blog!
    The chocolate fondue recipe I always use is from Toblerone …

    One big bar (I think I use the 450g one), chopped coarsely, plus a small container of whipping cream go into my mom’s retro fondue pot I stole when I moved to Edmonton.

    Supper good – you can also apparently make “truffles” from the left overs by waiting till the mixture solidifies a bit (think cookie-dough texture) and using two spoons to make quenelles which get frozen on a sheet pan. I’ve never had leftovers yet!

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