Food Notes

  • The St. Albert Farmer’s Market kicks off this Saturday, June 14! With 200 vendors, it’s double the size of the City Centre Market. I hope to head out there myself soon.
  • Liane Faulder contributed her first article about the City Centre Market last week, focused on a couple who run a Mexican food stand. I quite like it.
  • I love the idea of a Lunch Club, as featured in the Journal’s LifeStyle section on Saturday – a group of people bring an item to share at lunch every day. Terribly difficult to be consistent about it, but I guess if people are counting on you, it’s hard to cop out.
  • Gail Hall of Seasoned Solutions has started to teach her wonderful Market Fresh Cooking Classes, which I had the privilege of participating in last year. It’s a great opportunity to learn how to shop and incorporate produce and other goods picked up from the City Centre Market.
  • Urban Safari Tours bills itself as “Calgary’s Premier Restaurant Tour Guide Service”, offering a multitude of restaurant tours for those that need direction. I wonder if such a service will ever find a place in Edmonton?
  • Chow has a list of 10 must-read food blogs. One of my fellow FoodTV contributors, Definitely Not Martha, made the list!
  • Via Andree Lau’s blog, a link to the new CBC FoodBytes blog (which she also writes for).
  • Here’s an interesting idea (sent to me by Mack) – a jar meant for sticky substances like peanut butter with lids on both the top and bottom of the vessel.
  • After watching Sex and the City last week, the girls and I had a bite to eat on the patio out at Joey’s Mediterranean Grill (9911 19 Avenue). There are probably worse locations for a patio (e.g. next to the exhaust parade that is Whyte Avenue), and with the water fixtures, cool breeze, and open area, I found it quite nice. The wait for the food, on the other hand, was not. The restaurant didn’t seem very busy, but for whatever reason, our dessert courses still took half an hour to deliver. My Hi-Rise Burger ($11.99) was nothing special, but the so-called “skinny fries” were surprisingly addictive.


Hi-Rise Burger and Skinny Fries

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