The Cooking Chronicles: Rustic Apple Tart

I’ve been craving a warm baked apple dessert for some time, and the Rustic Apple Tart recipe from Real Simple Celebrations (a similar one here) seemed straightforward.

The text recipe recommended the use of either McIntosh or Empire apples, and I chose the former. In hindsight, a type less tart, perhaps Gala apples, might have been better. Overall, it was a really easy pie to put together – the prepared Pilsbury crust pulled it together quickly without sacrificing the aesthetics of the dessert. While I would have preferred a thicker, more buttery crust, I can’t complain about the ease of packaged help.

This is something I’d definitely make again – it’d be a great close for a fall meal.

Rustic Apple Tart (or, as “rustic” as possible when Pilsbury is involved)

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