A Long Time Coming: The Copper Pot

For a special lunch on Friday, my coworker Sharon and I decided to “stay in” and dine in the restaurant located on the main floor of our building – The Copper Pot (101, 9707-110 Street).

While I’ve had take out from the restaurant in the past, I’ve actually never had a sit-down meal in the dining room itself. When new management took over The Copper Pot late last year, the specials board, usually prominently displayed outside its glass doors, disappeared, and we feared “new” meant “more expensive”. While costlier than take-out from the nearby Zuppa’s, I found out that an afternoon with a view is well worth the price.

I had made reservations for the two of us a few days previous, but it turned out it wasn’t really necessary. We were the second party seated just before noon, and were able to pick out a choice sunlit table overlooking the serene Ezio Farone Park. The decor was elegant and simple, and while the banquet fabric may need to be updated soon, I did appreciate the small touch of the copper-look salt and pepper shakers on the table.

The lunch menu was fairly standard – soups, salads, sandwiches and pastas making up most of the midday fare, and while nothing really jumped out at me, I was happy with my selection of the Turkey and Brie Clubhouse (sliced deli turkey, blackforest ham, brie cheese, lettuce, tomato and raspberry mayo served on multigrain bread), which included a side soup of the day. My dining companion chose the Chicken Supreme, a marinated, grilled free range chicken breast served with roasted red potatoes and seasonal vegetables.

Our food arrived at a record rate (Sharon had commented that this would not have been the case under the previous owner). My sandwich was two-tiered, with a generous amount of sliced turkey and ham adorning the bottom half, bracketed by crisp, perfectly buttered bread. The smoked chicken soup was perhaps a little spicy for my taste, but contained a surprising amount of meat for the serving. Sharon was also very happy with her meal.

The service was excellent throughout (our waiter asked “May I, Miss?” before removing our plates), and with a priceless view and a bill totalling only $14 before tax and tip, I would not think twice before dining here again.

Restaurant Interior (every table does have a view!)

Turkey and Brie Clubhouse

Chicken Supreme (I love the fact that the rosemary looks like it is lit from above)

Happy (and full) diners!

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