Many Happy Returns: Leva Cappuccino Bar

I was on the hunt for a good panini sandwich today, and remembered Leva (11053 86 Avenue). As I was heading to the nearby Jubilee Auditorium later that evening anyway, it was a convenient stopover.

I ordered the 4 cheese and roasted tomato panini, which came served with a lovely vegetable salad dressed with a sweet and sour balsamic vinaigrette. The sandwich was nicely toasted, and the cheese satisfyingly melted.

This was only my second visit to the cafe, but I love Leva’s vibe. The choice of classic soul tunes created an upbeat and easygoing atmosphere, and the service has been friendly and helpful. A bonus for me – their selection of cooking and entertaining magazines are a source of welcome distraction for me. Who needs a free daily when you’ve got Donna Hay?

My only complaint is their cash-only policy. Though they have an in-house ATM, it’s hard not to see it as an underhanded cash cow; not only do they not have to pay debit machine and credit card charges, but they also get to collect wayward ATM transaction fees on top of that.

Despite that, I still readily recommend Leva – for their food, coffee, and gelato – but make sure you’ve got some cash on hand.

4 cheese panini

4 thoughts on “Many Happy Returns: Leva Cappuccino Bar

  1. You may never see this, but fyi the fee on our ATM is collected by the supplier, not us. It is in no way “underhanded cashcow.”

  2. Thanks for the comment. I believe that most ATM machines split the fee between the location in which it is placed and the supplier. Yours would seem to be an anomaly.

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