What’s Your Wallet?

Contrary to the title of my blog, I’m not actually very optimistic. So it might be surprising that I happily embraced the only positive outcome of my stolen wallet – having the excuse to shop for a new one.

Over the weekend, I perused the selection of Matt & Nat wallets at The Plaid Giraffe on Whyte, but wasn’t too piqued with what I saw. The Vintage Collection was made using sleek material, and though the plum coloring caught my eye, the designs weren’t as compact or functional as I would have liked.

This week, I had the chance to visit Groove Stone in Southgate, and was ecstatic to see that they carried Miss Main, the exact wallet that was taken from me! While I flirted briefly with a longer, chequebook style for a day, I ended up traveling the road already taken and bought a red/cognanc Miss Main.

I may be boring, but sometimes, practicality trumps all.

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