Food Notes for June 15, 2020

Edmonton Sun Columnist Graham Hicks Departs Publication

Last week, two local food writers re-surfaced previously published reviews written by Graham Hicks in the Edmonton Sun. Carmen Cheng excerpted 2015 reviews of Korean restaurant NongBu, where Hicks questioned whether the restaurant is “too ethnic”, and another of Kazoku Ramen, where Hicks wrote that to make ramen, “Your momma could open a can of Campbell’s chicken noodle soup, dress it up with oriental accessories and proclaim it ramen.” Cheng referred to the reviews as “racist” and as “whitewashing of content by food media.”

The next day, Hicks announced in his final column that he was re-retiring from the Edmonton Sun without referring to the social media uproar. He also deleted his Twitter accounts that same day.

Linda Hoang took issue with Hicks’ lack of accountability for his actions, tweeting, “This is truly an upsetting display of his own white privilege. By doing this, Graham is essentially telling everyone that he does not care if we think he’s racist. He does not care if his words hurt anyone. He will not learn from his mistakes (if they were unintentional).”

In the wake of his departure, Hoang is hopeful that “the Edmonton Sun chooses to take this opportunity to consider whether a BIPOC writer’s perspective could better serve this space.”

COVID-19-related News:



Upcoming Events

  • Food Bike Tours have branched out into offering online Chef Kitchen Tours, just in time for Father’s Day. Attendees will be guided through recipes in a 30 minute interactive session, using ingredients delivered to their door, at the price of $90 for two people. The first two chefs scheduled in June are from Sabor and Bodega.
  • 15 hospitality businesses located in Alberta Avenue are participating in this year’s Dine the Ave. They will be featuring special menu items available to order (including through Door Dash) all through the month of July.


  • Twyla returned to Narayanni’s, the first restaurant she reviewed for CBC 10 years ago. She had forgotten “how freaking delicious the masala chicken is…and how rich and hearty the cream-free curries are.”

Local News

Beyond Edmonton

What I Ate

  • We’ve been meaning to order burgers from Wishbone’s pop-up restaurant Grey Mare for some time, but didn’t get to it until last weekend. We tried the Daisy Duke and the Nashville hot chicken – both were very tasty. The carbonara croquettes were the standout for us though! If you’re looking to try it, make sure to order soon as it’s their last week before reverting back to Wishbone’s menu!

Grey Mare

Grey Mare’s Daisy Duke in the park

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