Food Notes for July 30, 2018

I had it in my head that we were only at mid-July; maybe it’s just my mind trying to hold on to our fleeting summer! Hope you’re making the most of it, too. On to this week’s food notes:

  • The fifth annual Grand Taste Tour has been rescheduled to August 18, 2018. Tickets are available for the full tour, or for dinner only.
  • The Hotel Macdonald is hosting an “Around the World” dinner on August 24, 2018. The seven course meal will transport diners across the seven continents. Tickets are $100.
  • NAIT is hosting a Menu of Modern Art Four fundraising dinner on September 8, 2018, featuring chefs including Paul Shufelt, Eric Hanson, and Serge Belair, among others. Early bird tickets are $75.
  • CBC is hosting a contest to recruit an official judge for the Heritage Festival. The prize includes 140 food tickets and golf cart transportation on the grounds. You’ll have to tune in to Edmonton AM this week to enter.
  • Also from Edmonton AM, they invited Leduc to speak about his experience with the backlash that came with a negative Instagram review of The Common.
  • The folks behind Cartago are also hoping to open a deli next to their pub in Forest Heights, but residents are against relaxing the parking requirements they need.
  • Sorry to hear that Daravara has closed its doors as of July 28, 2018.
  • Vue shares how 720 Sweets sets themselves apart in the soft serve game.
  • Sharon tried the Filipino cuisine offered at Casa Laurel Kitchen.
  • The Journal hoped for more consistency with the food at Wilfred’s.
  • Cindy writes all about her go-to dishes at Kanto.
  • Vue Weekly is among the first to review Fumaca, the second Brazilian steakhouse to open in the city.
  • Twyla’s latest review brings her to KB & Company.
  • Jonny has an overview of the board game cafes in Edmonton.
  • Global interviewed Chef Blair Lebsack about their upcoming Forage to Table dinner, and the forthcoming database to be set up by the Alberta Culinary Tourism Alliance to connect foragers and chefs.
  • There’s still a couple of opportunities to learn more about the urban hives at MacEwan in August. Tours are free.
  • Mack, Emily, and I headed to Taste of Edmonton again last week to use up the remainder of our tickets. Some highlights included the mushroom risotto at Solstice (they had run out of the beef cheek at that point), the beignets at Wishbone, and the yemisir kik wot (spicy lentils) from Langano Skies.

Taste of Edmonton

Spicy lentils and injera from Langano Skies (a bonus of bringing your own container to the festival is that some vendors load it up!)

  • It’s been some time since my last meal at Padmanadi, but the ginger beef was just as tasty as I remembered.


Ginger beef from Padmanadi

  • We had a fun time at Huma over the weekend to help Linda celebrate her birthday!


Gringa from Huma

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