Food Notes for January 26, 2015

  • Congratulations to Transcend Coffee and The Tea Girl, the two winners of the second annual Winter City Drink Competition!
  • More details about Chef Ben Staley’s new project, The Alder Room, were released last week. Through an Indiegogo campaign, he and his partner hope to raise $100,000 which would go towards restaurant start-up costs and also work towards a food security foundation.
  • Liv is the latest blogger to review Solstice Seasonal Cuisine.
  • Phil dived into more pan-style pies in this week’s Pizza Odyssey, featuring Monty’s Pizza and Coliseum Steak and Pizza.
  • Episode 6 of Karlynn and Phil’s Sweet Tooth and Meat Tooth podcast is up.
  • Karlynn is also starting a new series that will delve into the “realities of food blogging”, spurned on by a tweet from a local chef implying that bloggers without any industry experience have no merit.
  • Two Edmontonians are putting together a historical cookbook that intersperses recipes and stories from the city’s different ethnic communities.
  • Since its inception eighteen months ago, Mealshare has served up over 150,000 meals to those in need.
  • Michelle wrote a great post highlighting the story of Gold Forest Grains and farmer John Schneider’s philosophy behind his products.
  • On Sunday, I attended the launch of Poppy Barley’s men’s collection with Mack (whose new shoes were on display!). Fitting for such an event, there was meat, scotch, and cocktails. Inspired by the new line, Jeff Savage from Three Boars created The Beltline, a beautifully balanced drink that I am hoping might be served outside of that special occasion!

Poppy Barley Men's Collection Launch

With Alicia and Thom at Poppy Barley’s launch

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