Food Notes for January 19, 2015

It took me long enough, but after almost four years, I finally bought a new phone! The push came only when the music stopped working on my old device, but I have to say, it’s certainly nice to have a functioning camera and the possibility of downloading apps! On to this week’s food notes:

Route 99

Our usual at Route 99

3 thoughts on “Food Notes for January 19, 2015

  1. Interesting post on food deserts….. the map in the website is misleading though. It shows Oliver/DT as having no supermarket/grocery within 2 kms while there is a Save-on on 109st north of Jasper.
    Similarly, the Old Strathcona area shows up as a ‘desert’ while there is a Save-On on 99 st and a Safeway (although a small & crappy one) at 109 st and Whyte.
    Still it is an important issue and probably matters a lot for many folks in the North-East and Gold Bar areas.

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