Food Notes for May 12, 2014

I hope you’ve all saved the date for our first What the Truck?! of the season! It’s taking place on our home turf (104 Street) on May 24, 2014, from 5-9pm. We’ll be releasing the list of trucks participating tomorrow. Hope to see you there! On to this week’s food notes:

  • Gail Hall will be hosting two farm tours this summer. The first is around the Kitscoty area, July 19-20, 2014, and will feature visits to The Cheesiry, Ribstone Brewery, buffalo ranch and a honey farm.
  • The Valley Zoo’s special farmers’ markets last year have turned into a regular event – running June 17 – September 19, 12-6pm.
  • Popbar opened its first Canadian location of the international chain at West Edmonton Mall on the weekend. It offers gelato bars in a variety of flavors.
  • Congratulations to the winners of the second annual Yeggies, awarded at the Avenue Theatre on Friday. In particular, kudos to Valerie of A Canadian Foodie for winning Best in Food, and to Phil (@Baconhound) for winning Best Twitter Persona.
  • Speaking of awards, I realize I forgot to link to Vue Weekly’s 2014 Golden Fork Awards.
  • Andrea reviewed Hart’s Table last week – it sounds like the menu has undergone quite a bit of change since the restaurant opened.
  • Duchess has a blog! Check it out for some behind-the-scenes photos of their cookbook photoshoot.
  • Great to see Reclaim Urban Farm and Lactuca featured in the Edmonton Journal.
  • Eater took a tour of a sriracha factory in California.
  • For Mother’s Day, my family had dinner at Café Amore. It was a first for the rest of my family, and as expected, they were all defeated by the massive portion sizes. As usual, their hospitality was great.

Cafe Amore

Truffle chicken

  • For dessert, I tried The Guardian’s recipe for tiramisu, which involved an extra step of separating the egg yolks from the whites and beating them separately for volume. I do think it resulted in a lighter cake that seemed much less dense than my previous tiramisu trials. Even my Dad, who isn’t much for sweets, had seconds.



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