Food Notes for May 5, 2014

Oh, Raptors. Those last six second were heartbreaking, but it sure was a wild ride. Selfishly, I was hoping to partake in Jurassic Park myself when in Toronto next week, but here’s to the possibility next year! On to this week’s food notes:

  • Outdoor farmers’ markets are back! Salisbury was the first on May 1, then Callingwood on May 4, and this coming weekend, the French Quarter on May 11. The City Market returns to 104 Street on May 17.
  • The next Tomato Test Kitchen with Brad Smoliak takes place on May 8, 2014, and focuses on the art of grilling.
  • Food trucks are popping up all over! Make sure to keep up to date with the Street Food App, but also check out Eva’s post about one of the newest, Perogy Princess.
  • Speaking of food trucks, Liane has some details about Pampa’s forthcoming mobile offering as well, which will feature the same charcoal-grilled meat you know and love.
  • Host Edmonton, a hospitality conference taking place May 22-24, is looking for volunteers.
  • The Calgary Stampede released their 2014 food line-up last week. I wonder if the scorpion pizzas will also be making their way to K-Days?
  • Mack and I attended the Iconoclast Koffeehuis (11807 105 Avenue) opening on Saturday. The event seemed to showcase the space itself as a venue rather than the coffee, but it was a good opportunity for us to get acquainted with the place. While it is walkable, it’s not exactly convenient, so I’m not sure how often we will be frequenting Iconoclast. But at the very least, it seems to be a good addition to the city’s coffee scene! Cindy has much better photos of the evening here.

Iconoclast Koffeehuis

Iconoclast Koffehuis grand opening

  • I had a very good food week, starting with this beautiful charcuterie board at Hundred.


Charcuterie board (I had to steal Linda’s photo)

  • Mack and I ended up at Three Boars on the weekend. It’s been too long since our last visit, so we plowed through several new-to-us menu items. Our favourite were the lamb neck croquettes, served over a delicious bed of curried lentils.

Three Boars

Lamb neck croquettes

  • It’s been some time since dining at Quan Pho, but at a lunch meeting today, I found their vermicelli bowl to be much superior to the pho I tried during my previous visit. The grilled pork was particularly tasty.

Quan Pho

Grilled pork and spring roll vermicelli


Mack with his favourite new toy

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