Living Up to its Name: Hap’s Hungry House

Last spring, while Mack and I were taking part in Thom’s bootcamp in the west end, we would drive past Hap’s Hungry House (16060 Stony Plain Road) every Sunday. The parking lot was always packed those mornings, and had us wondering what it was like inside. We finally made time last weekend to try it out for ourselves.

Arriving at 11:30 on Sunday, nearly all of the tables were full. Thankfully, it seemed we had good timing, as not long after we sat down, a small crowd started gathering in the small lobby.

We were told the restaurant has been family owned and operated for thirty-one years, and though I can’t speak to whether or not the interior has changed in that time, I can say that it is clean and well taken care of. The décor is country-esque, with kitschy farm animals and floral art all over the walls. It actually reminded me somewhat of the cartoonish depictions Cora’s deploys, but less over the top.

Haps Hungry House


If I were to describe Hap’s Hungry House with one word, it would be “efficient.” Though I know much of it has to do with the desire for a timely table turnover, the fact that we were provided with water, coffee, milk in place of cream and even a coffee thermos within two minutes of being seated was very much appreciated. It may have been rote for the servers, but they never made us feel rushed.

The menu is huge, and runs the gamut between omelettes, egg sandwiches, eggs benedicts, French toast, and hotcakes (a term for pancakes I have only ever associated with McDonald’s). And like most diners, the plates promised to be generous in size.

I ordered a large hotcake combo with pork sausage ($11.65). I’m not sure I expected individual pancakes to be the size of dinner plates, but it was a welcome challenge. They were fluffy, the batter just slightly sweet (perfect for dousing in syrup), and did remind me of those served at Hathaway’s Diner. The scrambled eggs were browned and thus overdone, but that was a minor complaint.

Haps Hungry House

Large hotcake combo

Mack’s large egg-cellent order with pork sausage ($9.85) was a steal of a deal, his plate teeming with eggs, toast, home fries and meat. The home fries could have been a touch crispier for my liking, but Mack didn’t mind.

Haps Hungry House

Large egg-cellent with pork sausage

I’d definitely recommend Hap’s for your brunch consideration. Just make sure you go hungry.

Hap’s Hungry House
16060 Stony Plain road
(780) 483-2288
Tuesday-Saturday 7am-3pm,Sunday 8am-3pm, closed Mondays and Holidays

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