St. Patrick’s Day Dinner @ the Elm Café Dining Room

Mack and I are starting to feel like regulars at the Elm Café Dining Room (9132 118 Avenue), and I think we’re not the only ones. Although the meals are still infrequent enough to be classified as “special”, based on the full house at the St. Patrick’s Day supper this past Saturday, I’d say the word is getting out!

The food, typically built around a themed menu or special occasion, is always reasonably priced, and really is a tough deal to beat, especially when you consider the type of food being served. On this evening, the three-course meal was $30, not including drinks.

Elm Cafe Dining Room

Mack enjoys his Irish beer

The first course was an elegantly presented potato dumpling soup. The dumplings were plump and tasty, but we did find the broth needed a dash more salt.

Elm Cafe Dining Room

Potato dumpling soup

The main event was corned beef, considered to be a national dish of Ireland, and colcannon, a mixture of mashed potatoes and greens. The taste of the brine was evident in the meat, flavourful and seasoned well (and for those inclined, Chef Allan even shares his recipe here). I have to admit, however, I have a serious weakness for mashed potatoes. The pat of butter? Be still my beating heart.

Elm Cafe Dining Room

Corned beef, colcannon and braised cabbage

Some of our earlier co-diners had raved about dessert, and we weren’t disappointed. The chocolate stout cake was rich but restrained, and even Mack, who isn’t one for sweets, remarked how much he enjoyed the glaze.

Elm Cafe Dining Room

Stout cake

Green beer didn’t make a single appearance at the supper, something neither of us missed at all! Keep an eye out on Twitter for the next Elm Café Dining Room meal, though plans are in the works for a standalone page in the future.

3 thoughts on “St. Patrick’s Day Dinner @ the Elm Café Dining Room

  1. That came looks amazing, Sharon…. maybe Chef Allan will share his recipe for that, too? 🙂

  2. Was going to go – and then it was the same day as the Sam Awards for Vanja (he won an award, WOOP) so we missed it!!

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