Food Notes for June 24, 2013

Despite the brief periods of rain, we had a gorgeous weekend overall! I hope you took advantage of it in much the same way that I did – in the company of family and friends! On to this week’s food notes:

  • The newest Italian Centre in the west end at 170 Street and 90 Avenue  opened its doors today, June 24, 2013.
  • Smashburger will be opening its first Edmonton-area location on July 3, 2013 in Sherwood Park at #530, 5000 Emerald Drive.
  • The Journal is organizing a Taste Alberta farm tour on July 21, 2013. Stops include Brown Eggs and Lamb and Rock Ridge Dairy.
  • Cindy reviewed The Burg, the newest eatery on the 104 Street. Let’s hope it lasts longer than its predecessor.
  • Speaking of burgers, Liv posted about the burgers from one of the newest food trucks, The Patty Wagon.
  • Enzo’s on 76th received a favourable review from the Journal last week.
  • The Taste of Edmonton unveiled their plans for this summer’s festival on Tuesday. You can look forward to nine new restaurants, the return of food trucks, and bite-size portions. More interesting, however, is the festival’s new direction: deliberate highlighting of chefs, local products and food preparation workshops. Get a taste of the event at their new website.
  • It’s hard to believe some are already looking ahead to the holidays, but Christmas in November is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, and launched their ticket sales last week. The line-up looks incredible, and though I’m sure the price of entry is worth the dollar amount, cost is a serious barrier to participation.
  • Andrea recapped this year’s Indulgence event.
  • Valerie rounded up some incredible posts as a part of her Canadian Food Experience Project. So much passion from across the country!
  • Signs are up in the window of the tavern in the Alberta Hotel.

Alberta Hotel

“From the great folks at Hardware Grill”

Hoang Long

Hoang Long

Izakaya Tomo

Chicken karaage

4 thoughts on “Food Notes for June 24, 2013

  1. Christmas in November cost is a steal for what is provided IMHO….
    three 5 star meals with all the wine you would like at lunch and dinner – matched pairings with every course ( an opening reception and a last night dance with extra treats and an open bar)
    snacks and gifts in your room, ad nauseum
    service second to none – rides in golf carts everywhere
    beautiful rooms
    classes and tastings and cook books all included
    so – for 1150 for 3 days and three nights at a Fairmont Hotel it is 383 per day for EVERYTHING
    It sounds expensive, but after the first year when I saw what I got for that money = and I do go in the bus which is 159 more (2 ways and 2 lunches), I actually think it is the best deal going…
    Great weekly round up… love it all.

  2. Hi Valerie,
    As I mentioned, though I’m sure the tickets would be value-laden, it is still a steep price to pay for two people, the total of which would easily fund a longer trip to a farther escape. Just makes considering the event a more difficult decision, that’s all!

  3. Completely understand… there is so much to do, places to go, people to meet… and only one lifetime to do it all in, right? 🙂 V

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