Food Notes for April 1, 2013

This Easter long weekend couldn’t have come at a better time! I don’t know if it was because of the wonky temperatures lately or a busy time at work, but it was great to have some time and space to decompress and relax at home. Hope you had a good weekend too! On to this week’s food notes:

  • Love Hundred’s Alley Burgers? Creole Envie is putting their own spin on the concept by offering “back alley po’boys”. Look for them on April 2 at 6pm.
  • The annual month-long garlic festival kicks off at Sorrentino’s April 8 and runs until May 11, 2013..
  • Woodwork, the forthcoming restaurant from Nomad and the Volstead Act, is hosting a pop-up at the Rossdale Brewery on April 13, 2013. They have also announced Sunday Dinner memberships (permitting you to four seasonally-inspired dinners) and their Top Shelf program (where you can keep a bottle of your favourite spirit behind the bar!).
  • Gail Hall will be hosting her first Alberta-based Seasoned Solutions tour on June 15 and 16, 2013. Included in the tour will be visits to several Smoky Lake-area farms including Smokey Valley Goat Cheese and Serben Farms. Check back on the website for more details.
  • Food trucks and craft beer will be paired at the Urban Craft Beer & Food Festival on April 19, 2013 at the Alberta Aviation Museum. Four food trucks will be participating, with over 100 beer choices (thanks to Su for the heads up!).
  • On the heels of their successful nose-to-tail pork dinner, Ousia will be hosting a nose-to-tail lamb dinner on April 29, 2012.
  • Best of luck to the Fruits of Sherbrooke on their expansion plans – I love the idea that they will be working with university students as well as low-income individuals.
  • The big news last week was Elm Cafe’s impending takeover of the food service operations at the Devonian Gardens on May 1, 2013, to be dubbed The Birch Patio. It looks like Nate has some great ideas up his sleeve – if anyone can transform the Gardens into a food destination, it would be Nate!
  • Sad to hear about the fire at Bubba’s Smokehouse. Unfortunately, the article states that nothing was salvageable – I hope Rand chooses to rebuild – he would leave a void in Edmonton food scene.
  • The April Fools jokes were rampant on the internets today. Triffids, anyone?
  • With the addition of Sloppy Hogs Roed Hus to the city last year, and an Edmonton location of the Memphis Blues franchise (at 50 Street and 23 Avenue), barbecue continues to gain traction here.

Memphis Blues

Memphis Blues

  • Congrats to my friends Annie and Andres who got married this weekend! It was a lovely ceremony.

Annie and Andres are married!

A champagne toast to the couple!

  • A small group of us met up at Wild Tangerine after the ceremony for a casual dinner. The bison shortribs were fantastic, and the shrimp lollipops were as good as we remembered.

Wild Tangerine

Shrimp lollipops

Wild Tangerine

Bison potstickers with a refreshing carrot and daikon salad

Wild Tangerine

Bison shortribs

Wild Tangerine

Mack’s green curry with prawns and tortiglioni

2 thoughts on “Food Notes for April 1, 2013

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