Food Notes for February 25, 2013

It may only be Monday, but I’m already looking forward to the weekend! Mack and I are planning to head down to Calgary to celebrate a special occasion, but it really couldn’t have come at a better time – I think we’re both more than ready for a mini-break! On to this week’s food notes:

  • It might be too late to enter, but this Great Chocolate Chip Cookie Bakeoff on February 26, 2013 sounds like it will be a lot of fun (especially for the judges!).
  • Mark your calendar: this year’s Downtown Dining Week will run from March 15-24, 2013. Thirty restaurants are participating.
  • Da Capo tweeted that their 109 Street location will be re-opening on March 1 as Pizzeria Rosso. Expect wood fired pizza!
  • Nearby, Vancouver-based Waves Coffee House is opening an Edmonton location in the old KFC on 109 Street.
  • I was sorry to hear about the flood at Colonel Mustard’s last week that has now left the restaurant uncertain whether or not they can recover.
  • I missed linking to this post last week, about an upcoming eatery in Belgravia which promises a locally-focused, seasonal menu.
  • Great to see Michelle Peters-Jones profiled in the Journal! I had no idea she snapped over 100 shots before settling on *the* photo, but it would make sense given her visuals are consistently stunning.
  • NAIT announced that this year’s Hokanson Chef in Residence will be San Francisco-based Chris Consentino. Enter to win tickets to a four-course tasting menu here.
  • Apple month is coming to an end, but if you needed a hit of inspiration, check out Valerie’s post which captures the creativity of the NAIT Culinary Arts students who participated in the BC Tree Fruits apple cooking challenge.
  • Given the meteoric rise of yogurt (doesn’t there seem to be a new probiotic product available every month?), it’s not surprising that there’s now a type of yogurt targeting men.
  • I haven’t been to Roast in a while, but this weekend, noticed their new coffee display. It turns out they are now serving Fratello-roasted coffee (a Calgary-based roaster).

Roast Coffee

Roast coffee

  • I’ve been craving fish and chips for a while, so on Thursday, Mack and I headed to the Kelly’s Pub on 104 Street to satisfy that craving. It was my first time inside the pub, though I’ve passed it enough times to know it is always busy. With its low-key vibe and casual menu, I could see how it has become the post-work spot of choice of many. Mack enjoyed his burger and the fish and chips hit the spot, but Kelly’s might want to re-think their serving dishes. The burger was served on a narrow, flimsy board, while the accompanying fries could not maintain their crispness piled in a bucket. My fish and chips were served in a paper-lined basket, which, grease-soaked, was easy to cut through with my knife and fork. It reminded us a bit of Mercer Tavern’s awkward serving platter for fish and chips – hopefully this doesn’t speak to a trend of form over function.

Kelly's Pub

Bacon cheddar burger

Kelly's Pub

Fish and chips

  • Mack’s Dad was in town on the weekend, and with time on Saturday for dinner, we thought it was time to introduce him to Tres Carnales. It was packed, as expected, but the wait wasn’t unmanageable, especially with a sangria in hand. Martin gave two thumbs up to the tacos, and commented that they were better than those he sampled in San Diego recently. We will have to make sure our next visit is sooner rather than later!


Guac & chips

Tres Carnales


Tres Carnales


4 thoughts on “Food Notes for February 25, 2013

  1. Kelly’s doesn’t list a fish and chips on the menu. Did they launch a new menu since I went in there a couple months ago?

  2. As this was my first time at Kelly’s, I’m not sure! I will say that the online menu differs from the one they handed us in the pub though.

  3. Ok, the one on the website was the one handed to me when I went in. They must have made some revisions. Coincidentally, the website is down right now, maybe they’re updating it.

    One of the appz was delicious, the 104st sliders or something? Super tasty.

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