Food Notes for January 28, 2013

In the past few months this blog has experienced a noticeable drop in posts when I’m a) sick or b) overwhelmed at work. This past week was a bit of both, but Mack and I have some fun things to attend in the upcoming period that should balance things out nicely. Hope you have an equally good week! On to this week’s food notes:

  • The Tomato has held over the deadline to contribute to their list of “100 best things to eat in Edmonton”. Make sure your voice is heard here, by January 31, 2013!
  • Staff Meal Edmonton have released the details of their next event – a tea party with multiple seatings on February 3, 2013 at Cally’s Teas. Tickets are $45.
  • The next Dishcrawl event, which aims to explore restaurants in a particular neighbourhood, is set for February 19 and 20, 2013. This time, they will be leading diners through four High Street and Westmount establishments. Tickets are $50.
  • Liane’s taking her next food tour to Italy in May! It sounds like it will be an amazing trip.
  • Liv shares some of the food trends and concepts she’d like to see in our city (mentioned in the post that I didn’t know – Bistro La Persaud has since closed).
  • Craving Canteen’s bread pudding? With this recipe from City and Dale, you can now replicate it at home!
  • Quinoa, the superfood that everyone can’t get enough of, was in the news last week – it is now becoming so valuable that the Bolivians and Peruvians who grow it can no longer afford to eat it themselves.
  • Every so often, another story about photography bans at restaurants is released. This week, it was from the New York Times.
  • I love the visuals by Jill Stanton on Nomad’s butcher paper window dressing (announcing their storefront at 10132-100 Street), but for those just walking by not knowing what’s to come, it probably would be helpful to have the words “Nomad” somewhere on the pages.


Nomad: coming soon

  • When Mack had a sudden craving for ginger beef and special fried rice on the weekend, we headed to Pagolac in Chinatown to satisfy it. We used to be regulars at the southside location until we moved downtown and became less reliant on a car (and, well, I discovered Pho Tau Bay). Still, it was comforting to return to an old standby.


Ginger beef and special fried rice


Pho with medium sliced beef and brisket

5 thoughts on “Food Notes for January 28, 2013

  1. Corso is a good option, as Valerie has indicated. Red Ox Inn, Wildflower Grill, The Makk and Nineteen are some of the options that come to mind. Good luck!

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