Food Notes for December 17, 2012

Although there are still some things on the to do list in preparation for the holidays (baking, a bit more shopping), I feel worlds ahead compared with a week ago. And not a moment too soon, given we’re just over a week away to Christmas! Hope you’re getting into the Christmas spirit too! On to this week’s food notes:

  • I know we’re not yet at Christmas, but for those already looking ahead to New Year’s, Chef Andrew Parker is offering a $65 four-course dinner at a New Year’s Eve Gala at his new venue.
  • Want a peek inside Kitchen by Brad? It’s rarely open to the public, but will be December 19-21, 2012 for last minute stocking stuffers.
  • Central Social Hall (10909 Jasper Avenue) opened up on December 14, 2012. Walking past it this weekend, it looks like the secret’s already out!
  • Canteen (10522 124 Street), the little sister restaurant to the Red Ox Inn, opened up on December 15, 2012. The menu looks great, though if I’m honest, it’s their brunch that I’m really after (which doesn’t start until January 2013). Looking forward to my first visit already.
  • I was excited to read that an izakaya has come to town! Cindy posted about her pre-opening experience at Izakaya Tomo (3739 99 Street), which opened on December 15, 2012. Will it be Edmonton’s Guu?
  • Need a winter warm-up? Check out Vue’s profile of unique hot chocolates from T.H.I.S. Place and Block 1912. We bought some of the hot chocolate pops from T.H.I.S. Place and tried them at home last week – we enjoyed the process of making the drink almost as much as the chocolate itself!
  • Vue also published an article about Evoolution, one of our own go-to gift shops this Christmas.
  • There was a great profile of Get Cooking proprietor Kathryn Joel (and an amazing Christmas dinner she prepared), last week in the Journal.
  • Also in the Journal, a piece about some of the wonderful work Slow Food Edmonton has been doing with a second stage women’s shelter, empowering the clients with not only cooking skills, but the tools they can use once they find a permanent home.
  • At Evoolution on Saturday, we stumbled upon a display for locally-made Violet Chocolate Company bars. We picked up a banana chip one to try; Mack liked the pairing of milk chocolate, while I appreciated that the banana flavour wasn’t overwhelming.

Violet Chocolate

Violet Chocolate Company

  • Target was celebrating their forthcoming store openings in Churchill Square of all places on Saturday. We didn’t stay for their big art reveal, but I really loved the mobile hot chocolate dispensers their staff had, complete with cup receptacles and a fill gun. How about we incorporate these into our Winter Strategy?


Mobile hot chocolate – what’s next?

  • At West Edmonton Mall on Sunday (it really wasn’t a smart decision to tackle the mall, but it had to be done), we stumbled upon a Fat Franks kiosk in the Phase 2 food court (open since November). It’s always great to see local representation amongst the chains! Cindy reviewed it here.

Fat Franks

Fat Franks

  • We also stopped in at Duchess this weekend, and marvelled at their gingerbread Notre Dame d’Epices cathedral. CBC wrote a story about Garner’s labour of love.


Gorgeous gingerbread cathedral

  • My work team had our holiday lunch at Sorrentino’s in Little Italy today. It seemed like the place to be this afternoon, with the Mayor dining at one table, and the Oilers brass (MacT, Tambellini and Kevin Lowe, among others) at another. The food was all right – I did enjoy the mushroom cream sauce on my cannellini – but I was more impressed with how the restaurant handled a full house seamlessly during the lunch rush. Bravo.

Sorrentino's Little Italy

Cannellini with mushroom cream sauce

4 thoughts on “Food Notes for December 17, 2012

  1. Canteen looks really interesting. I must say, though, the cannellini doesn’t have much visual appeal. Hope it tasted better. Happy Holidays.

  2. I’m looking forward to visiting Canteen too! And yes, the cannellini tasted better than it looked :). Happy holidays to you as well!

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