Food Notes for November 19, 2012

I finally feel like myself again, but it took a week! Funny how being sick and without energy really narrows down that task list to absolute priorities only. On to this week’s food notes:

  • Evoolution is offering a guided tasting on November 20, 2012 from 7-9pm, where they will cover the history and chemistry of olive oils, in addition to a formal tasting of Southern Hemisphere oils. Sign up in-store or email.
  • A reminder that the Knifewear pop-up in Old Strathcona (8422 109 St) opens November 20, 2012, and runs until December 31.
  • Need an excuse to check out Jacek’s new boutique in Sherwood Park? How about a chocolate tasting on November 29, 2012?
  • If you’re hungry, don’t click on Valerie’s post capturing her experience as a judge for Northlands’ first annual BBQ Challenge at this year’s Farm Fair. Love the photos of the tasting sheets!
  • As the Italian Centre gears up for its third location in Edmonton, it is also casting its eye southward for future expansion to Calgary.
  • Congrats to Kinnikinnick Foods for their production plant expansion in Edmonton. Always great to see a local success story!
  • Speaking of successes, Duchess was singled out by the National Post in a glowing feature with the following headline: “Edmonton may just be home to the best patisserie in Canada.”
  • Are you wondering what will happen to the farmers in the northeast now that the Food and Agriculture Strategy has been adopted? Have a look at Elise Stolte’s piece.
  • This isn’t quite as bad as pink slime videos, but if you were ever curious to see how hot dogs are made
  • Mack’s Dad was in town on the weekend, so we decided to have dinner at The Bothy’s new-ish location on 124 Street. With the half hour wait for our food, it was evident the kitchen and serving staff were being run off their feet. Thankfully, our dishes did arrive hot and delicious, and the chicken and vegetable pie (our favourite) did not disappoint.

The Bothy

Chicken and vegetable pie and French onion soup

3 thoughts on “Food Notes for November 19, 2012

  1. I cannot wait for the italian Centre to Open in the West End! it will be my new office! 🙂

    Lots of great links to read!

  2. Oh thank God for your links Sharon! Made it to the Evoolution tasting just in time! Thank you thank you!

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