The Cooking Chronicles: Breakfast Suppers

Having breakfast for dinner in whatever form is usually a treat, and always a great go-to when nothing else seems to be an option. We deviated from our usual formula of eggs, bacon and toast recently to see what other breakfast dishes we could concoct for our evening meals.

Black Bean and Egg Tacos

A recipe for black bean and egg tacos was billed as a frugal meal on The Chew, based around three relatively inexpensive ingredients – tortillas, beans and eggs. The hosts kept raving about how tasty this dish was, but I really didn’t believe such a simple combination could be so tasty – until we tried it ourselves.

It was a meal rummaged from the depths of our fridge and freezer – eggs from Sunshine Organic, two long-forgotten Don Antonio’s whole wheat tortillas, and a bag of cooked black beans I had stored away. The prep was simple – while the tortillas were warming in the oven, the mixture of eggs and black beans were scrambled in a skillet. Shredded cheese was added to the mix, then cilantro, and that was it!

Black Bean and Egg Tacos

Black bean and egg tacos

The black beans not only added heft to the eggs, but also a bit of depth. The fresh herbs also made it pop ever so slightly. It is definitely something we will make again!

Eggs Florentine

In Giada de Laurentiis’ new book, Weeknights With Giada, she devotes a whole chapter to “Breakfast for Dinner”. We tried her recipe for eggs florentine one night, swayed by the promise of luscious egg yolk and creamy spinach-flecked sauce.

The best thing about this recipe, however, was making the prosciutto chips that we crumbled on top. Into the oven went slices of prosciutto on a cooling rack set over a baking sheet, and out came crisp, salty, meat chips. They could be a garnish on so many things – soups, pastas, or eaten straight up as we did while the rest of the dish came together.

Anyway, the dish itself was nothing spectacular, though it was tasty enough (given the eggs, cream, and cheese in the dish, it would have been hard pressed not to be so). I recognize I also went a little overboard with the sauce though, which quickly transformed the English muffins from toasted to cream-saturated.

Spinach Florentine

Eggs florentine

I’ll be working my way through some of her other recipes though – hopefully the next one will be more inspiring!

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