Food Notes for September 3, 2012

Having worked through most of the long weekend, I’m not as rested as I would be otherwise, but hopefully you were able to enjoy this last blast of summer! On to this week’s food notes:

  • 104 St. Grill (formerly Ric’s Grill on 104 Street) opens on September 6, 2012.
  • Williams Sonoma is finally coming to Edmonton! It is set to open in West Edmonton Mall on September 22, 2012.
  • The Local Good (previously known as E-SAGE), has adopted a #yegfood theme for their upcoming Green Drinks on October 3, 2012, a regular, informal mixer for those interested in all things sustainable.
  • The food truck scene just keeps on growing: Sailin On Food Truck bills itself as Edmonton’s first vegan food truck. Look for it in Spring 2013.
  • Vue Weekly reviewed a new-ish Vietnamese restaurant Tien Tuyen (2619 Ellwood Drive SW) located in Ellserslie.
  • Cathy wrote about a great pig roast that went down at the Manor Cafe a few weeks ago. Looks like porky goodness!
  • Speaking of pork, our Pulled Pork Throwdown, a fundraiser for the Edmonton Public Schools Foundation, made it into the Globe and Mail!
  • It looks like there is yet another farmers’ market joining the crowded Edmonton scene, just steps away from the 124 Street Grand Market. It’s apparently a test run that will involve some of the vendors from the Grand Market, and is hoping to launch a full season next year. Check it out on September 9 and September 23, 2012, from 10am-3pm in the parking lot on 124 Street and 105 Avenue.

Eden Farmers' Market

New farmers’ market

  • Speaking of the 124 Grand Market, Mack and I stopped there for dinner on Thursday. I had the zoo zoo burger from Little Village Food Truck (I really love the brioche bun Theo uses), while Mack had the pulled pork sandwich from Nomad.

Little Village Food Truck

Zoo zoo burger from Little Village


Pulled pork from Nomad

  • I can’t say this weekend was all work and no play – Mack and I were able to help Jill and Kat celebrate their wedding anniversary on Sunday night! Their friends, who own a farm in Duhamel, played host to a lovely, low-key evening. It’s always nice to get away from the city, even if just for a night. Thanks again to the hosts for your warmth and hospitality!

Schielke Farm

The ducklings were too cute

Schielke Farm


Schielke Farm

Zombie chickens (okay, well, not zombies, but they were all eerily staring at us, waiting to be let out)

Schielke Farm

Tom the turkey

Schielke Farm


Schielke Farm

Gorgeous sunset

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