Homeward Trust Volunteer Appreciation Party at Fort Edmonton Park

As far as short-term volunteer commitments go, I think Homeward Trust offers some great opportunities to give back. Whether at Homeless Connect or through the Homeless Count, being involved in their projects always feels rewarding.

That said, they also know how to appreciate their volunteers. In the past, they have treated us to baseball games, but with the Capitals out of commission this year, they had to do something different: they rented out the midway at Fort Edmonton Park!

Homeward Trust Volunteer Appreciation

Last Thursday, Mack and I joined at least a hundred other volunteers after hours at the Park. The sunny conditions were perfect for the festivities, which kicked off with a barbecue supper. Everything was organized to reflect a date at an old fashioned carnival, right down to the glass bottle drinks.

Homeward Trust Volunteer Appreciation

Picnic supper

After supper, the Park staff came out to play, and the midway came alive. Mack will tell you I was most looking forward to taking a spin on the Ferris wheel –after several failed attempts, we were finally at the Park at a time when the ride was actually running!

Homeward Trust Volunteer Appreciation

Ferris Wheel

The view may have been slightly more interesting if we had been facing the other side of the midway, or if the Park was fully open and filled with patrons at the train station, but it was still a big kid thrill to perch at the top of the wheel. It turns out you can see the Whitemud from the vantage point.

Homeward Trust Volunteer Appreciation

We also indulged in a spin on the carousel, where Mack, in spite of himself, had a really good time.

Homeward Trust Volunteer Appreciation


Most of the carnival games were also open, with prizes like paddle boards, frisbees and Chinese finger traps up for grabs. Though it was fun just to play, I actually won a few things, too!

Homeward Trust Volunteer Appreciation


After we had our fun, we took a walk down 1920 and 1905 Streets. We thought the rest of the Park would be quiet, but it turned out there was a show going on at Capitol Theatre that night! It was nice to see others enjoying the attraction that evening as well.

Homeward Trust Volunteer Appreciation

Capitol Theatre

Homeward Trust Volunteer Appreciation

Can’t you just imagine the streetcar going by?

Homeward Trust Volunteer Appreciation

One of my favourite places in the Park

Homeward Trust Volunteer Appreciation

On the swings at Gyro Park

Thanks again to Homeward Trust for a great night!

2 thoughts on “Homeward Trust Volunteer Appreciation Party at Fort Edmonton Park

  1. Thank you so much Sharon! This was such a fun event and we’re so happy you & Mack made it out. You are incredible and we truly value our community of volunteers.  

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