The Cooking Chronicles: Calendar Inspiration

Recipe inspirations can come from anywhere – online, the newspaper, a television show. On two recent occasions, that inspiration came from calendars.

Garlic Shrimp and Spinach Linguine

The daily image on our kitchen Milk calendar has got to me before, but this time, the image of “succulent” garlic shrimp and spinach linguine haunted me for a week before I caved in. I’m a sucker for cream-based pastas anyway, and enjoyed this version very much, the cream balanced somewhat by a white wine reduction. I also loved the wilted Sundog Organic spinach throughout, while the Doef’s red pepper added a nice sweetness. The shrimp were okay, though I would likely substitute chicken the next time around.

Garlic Shrimp and Spinach Linguine

Garlic shrimp and spinach linguine

Lunchbox Granola Bars

Mack likes to tease me about being hungry all the time, but it’s true that I try to carry some sort of sustenance with me in case I start to get peckish. That usually ends up being a granola bar of some sort, typically of the packaged variety. I never really considered making my own until I came across this recipe in the Canadian Diabetes Association’s Healthy Living Calendar.

The recipe calls for a ton of healthy ingredients, including sunflower seeds, dried fruit, and applesauce. I tried to incorporate as many local products into it as possible – Prairie Gold flaxseed, Halwa Farms whole wheat flour, Highland Crossing rolled oats and Meadow Sweet honey.

Out of the oven, the bars held together well, but still had a nice chew. Mack joked though that one bar would be more than enough to replace a meal, as they were quite dense and weighty. But most important, the bars tasted good! They weren’t overly sweet, though I appreciated the bit of chocolate in every second bite.

Lunchbox Granola Bars

Lunchbox granola bars

I’d definitely recommend this recipe, and will be making another batch for myself soon.

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