Food Notes for June 18, 2012

  • The River Cree Casino is hosting an Heirloom Tomato Festival dinner on June 20.
  • MKT is now open, and judging by the patio we passed last Friday, it looks like it will be a popular destination for the Whyte Avenue crowds.
  • Liv reviewed one of the newest cafes in Edmonton – Fresh Cafe.
  • Twyla captured her less-than-shining experience at the south Edmonton branch of Nello’s.
  • This was the first time in four years that Mack and I missed Indulgence. After attending several pricey food events in a row, we thought it was time to take a breather. That said, I’m glad Marlow Moo recapped it so I could see what I missed!
  • Marianne wrote about high tea at the Devonian Gardens. Looks like a lovely way to spend a summer afternoon.
  • Liane profiled Evoolution, the newest specialty food shop on 104 Street selling olive oils and vinegars, in the Journal last week.
  • Also in the Journal, TZiN got a great review. I can imagine it will be even more packed now!
  • Maybe I called the trend way too early, but it seems like now that Pinkberry is forthcoming, frozen yogurt has finally hit the big time in Edmonton.
  • Congratulations to Serge Belair of the Shaw Conference Centre who won the Culinary Federation’s chef-of-the-year challenge in Halifax!
  • Have you heard about the Yeg Food Mob? They are similar to the Cash Mob that has sprung up in Edmonton in recent months – citizens who gather to support local small businesses and “mob” them on an organized date – but with a food focus. Their last mob visited Prairie Mill Bakery.
  • In case you missed it, here’s a handy list of farmers’ markets from the Journal (though a few, like Highlands, are missing).
  • It’s always neat to read about the history of designs that have become so iconic, such as the Kikkoman soy sauce bottle.
  • Caffe Sorrentino seems to be making its presence known all over the city. We noticed one way in Eaux Claire recently, and it is also coming soon to the ground floor of the Mayfair.

Cafe Sorrentino's

Caffe Sorrentino

  • I noticed Noodle Noodle closed some time ago, and the sign in that window indicated that the owners would be opening up another establishment on the south side. It didn’t occur to me that that location was the former Kelsey’s on Calgary Trail. Expect Tasty Noodle (3203 Calgary Trail) to serve up all day dim sum, among other things.

Tasty Noodle

Tasty Noodle

  • Mack and I stopped inside Cally’s Tea on Sunday. The shop looks lovely, and the bite of scone we had was scrumptious. I’ll be back on another occasion for high tea! For more about Cally’s new location, check out this great write up at City and Dale.

Cally's Teas

Cally’s Tea

  • Though we didn’t stay, after picking up some things at Blush Lane, we checked out the new Da Capo in the Roots building. Loved all of the windows, and how they made the most of the narrow space.

DaCapo Cafe

Da Capo

  • At Save-On the other day, I just noticed that The Little Potato Company was also making ready-to-heat potato packages. Given convenience foods are so popular, I’d be interested in seeing if people gravitate towards local brands.

The Little Potato Company


  • Mack and I participated in one of the last City Wide Food and Agriculture Strategy stakeholder consultations tonight. There was some great discussion, but it will be interesting to see what will ultimately make it into the draft document due out in September. On the same note, if you haven’t yet filled out the public opinion survey, you have until June 23 to do so.

City Wide Food and Agriculture Strategy

CWFAS Workbook

  • My agency held its Annual General Meeting at the Expo Centre for a second year in a row. I remember the food being all right last year, but this time, it was less than ideal. The chicken was beyond dry, and there was not enough sauce to make it enjoyable.

Expo Centre

The usual chicken and vegetables

  • To celebrate my Dad’s birthday on the weekend, my family had dinner at Golden Rice Bowl. It’s been a while since any of us had been there, but it didn’t disappoint. I will always have a soft spot for peaches and shrimp!

Golden Rice Bowl

Peaches and shrimp

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