2012 City Market Report: Week 3

The skies started out as overcast this morning, but weather decided to cooperate at the City Market in the end, with the sun revealing itself for the last half of the day.

City Market 2012


Today marked the end of the official three week trial period for the back-to-back stalls on the south end of the market. We didn’t hear if moving forward this will be the continued set-up, but it seems like everyone – shoppers and vendors alike – have adjusted well to the change. I for one hope they adopt this orientation for the remainder of the season!

City Market 2012

South end

Mack and I aren’t typically early birds on the weekends, but forced ourselves into an early start to make sure we could have the pick of the crop today. We were having my family over for dinner later to celebrate my Mum’s birthday, so I wanted to make sure we could get everything we needed. Also on our list: sweet baby girl tomato plants from Sundog Organic. They thrived on our balcony last year (in spite of the fact that I tend to kill most plants), so we didn’t want to miss out!

City Market 2012


We were also early enough to have our pick of greens from a multitude of vendors!

City Market 2012

Radishes from Sundog Organic

City Market 2012

Baby lettuce from Green Valley Farm

City Market 2012

Bedding plants from Kuhlmann’s

City Market 2012

Fiddleheads from Mo-Na

Serben Free Range had their grill cart up and running today (menu here). Given there are now several non-truck vendors, perhaps the market should consider publishing a list of food options available, since the carts are easily missed in and amongst the tents.

City Market 2012

Serbens’ Local Eatery

We didn’t stay at the market too long this morning, as we had a few other errands to run before dinner. Still, I’m glad we were able to make it early to fill our fridge! Among the dishes we made – roasted Edgar Farms asparagus, and a caprese  salad with a rainbow of Gull Valley Tomatoes.

City Market 2012

Roasted asparagus and caprese salad

See you at the market next week!

3 thoughts on “2012 City Market Report: Week 3

  1. sharon,
    your salad looked absolutely BEAUTIFUL. 
    simple, pretty and i can just imagine how tasty
    cheers – hope mom’s birthday dinner was a smashing success

    su 🙂

  2. Salad looks amazing! I bet it tasted great as well!

    I wonder if Sundog organics will still have that sweet baby girl tomato plant? I was there this past weekend and didn’t see it. I’m trying to spot a lovely tomato plant to grow on my balcony.  Also–I was very happy to see fiddleheads! Never had them until the Live Local dinner at The Dish–it reminded me of asparagus.

    Thanks again for the always informative notes!

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